KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Winter Wonderland Home Show this weekend!!!

Sat 10-5

Sun 12-5
23-24 Nov., 2013

If you are in Western Maryland this weekend by Antietam , near Shepherdstown, WV come join us and support local artisans! Also, 100% of proceeds of Bake Sale items go to St. Catherine's Orthodox Church of Hagerstown. 

Email for info/directions or look for signs !

Friday, April 12, 2013


"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny..."

Friday, April 5, 2013

Monday, April 1, 2013

My Great Aunt & Spring

OK- so my great aunt, my grandmother's baby sister, is 99. The picture above is from her 90th birthday. NO Botox folks, just good skin. What do you think?

The other picture was taken by my daughter. Pretty aren't they? Ready for spring? It's trying really hard to come , but the blistery cold and damp winds in the mountains keep messing up its entrance. Sometimes I feel like that as well- messing up my entrance, trying to spring forward.

What about you?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013