KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Went to the Movies...

So we went to the movies. First time in over a year. Saw Star Trek. It was great! Especially if you're of the generation that saw it on TV every week. And we are not Trekkies of any kind. Not overdone, clever, creative, kept you going from the opening 'til the end, and well done.

What movie have you seen lately? 

Friday, May 22, 2009

Jumping from a 45 foot Waterfall, and what I did yesterday...

Alex and Kerry-out to dinner.
Kerry and Alex and Luau.
Kerry, Alex, and Aunt Cynthia at waterfall.
Waterfall jumping.
The big splash.
So Alex, my oldest, gave herself a graduation gift to vacation in Hawaii for 10 days with her best friend, Kerry. She stayed with her 2 aunts, who live there, going back and forth between houses.

She had a great time touring around, sunbathing, shopping, and snorkeling, and, oh, yeah, she decided to jump off a waterfall. A 45 foot waterfall! Why? ...because everyone else was doing it of course!

While she's in the jump, however, a guy jumps out lower than her and so she torqued her body every which way to avoid hitting him. Natural reaction. Well, they were good and achy after the jump. But then she started to complain about pain in her chest.

She returned to the mainland on Sunday, and called Mom up yesterday, whimpering in pain, still, in the sternum, poor baby. After some cajoling, I finally convinced her to go to Urgent Care. X-ray showed torn cartilage, with 4-6 week recuperation. Lucky girl. I'm glad it was something simple, and not worse. No breaks, and internals all seem to be in order, thank goodness. Now she just has to carry 20 pounds less in her purse. She can't lift or push much.

Oh, yeah, she's never jumping a waterfall again. 

On my Bed with a Cell phone camera...

A very felted, wool sweater to create little felties from... A doll I'm working on...a couple of gifts from Alex for Mother's Day from Hawaii...(isn't the little purse adorable?) 
My vintage floral bark cloth.
Adorable little pursie, and earrings...
A little kitty doll I'm working on...and the cute inside of the little pursie...What's on your bed, when/if you work there???

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

An Adorable 5 month old Puppy at Petco...

This guy weighed only  about 120 lbs. at 5 months. His mother or father was over 200. His paws were tremendous, and he kept slipping on the linoleum floors. So he got good and tired and would poop out in the middle of the aisle for 20 minutes or so whenever he wanted. He garnered a tremendous amount of attention:)

He was soooo cute!!!! Click to enlarge. Luckily my cell phone snapped a decent shot.Beautiful charcoal grey with blue-grey eyes that will stay blue-grey. Some kind of rare Italian Mastiff that they re found & resurrected in about 1947, I believe. How adorable is he????

Monday, May 11, 2009

Sevan Celebration Day-Pictures of my Special Birthday Gift from my angel friend:D

Sevan taking our pictures-sorry folks, the picture's been through email...
Sevan didn't want to sew, and so she made this whole beautiful apron by iron- on fusing. Can you see the amazingly beautiful and neat job that she did with iron -on? For me to get it this neat I'm sure I'd have to sew. That would be the easiest thing for me. But then, Sevan is a pretty amazing individual.

Then because they were laughing so much from the silliness, Anne gave Sevan the apron with the girl with grey hair. So here are the three, with the' kokoshnik'.How special is that!?!!! I've always appreciated the handmade gift. To think that someone actually took the time to make me something so special is just mind boggling to me. Here we are in this crazy, hectic world, and people are surviving, and thriving by the handmade revolution which is upon us. The attention to detail on the apron is remarkable.

Sevan is so very creative, and always thinks in creative ways , and bestows her thoughtfulness and generosity upon her friends, of whom there are many (correct grammar???). Just when you are a little down, or whatever, there is the phone call or invitation from this remarkable woman.

 She is Armenian, but was raised in the Middle East. She came to this country with her family when she was 14. Two months after arriving here, her father suddenly passed away. Her mother, without speaking a word of English, raised her children from nothing. They are the loveliest, most gentle souls. Of course, her mother learned English. They survived, and they thrived. 

Sevan sees the light from the dark about 99.9999% of the time, and has such compassion and understanding of the human soul. Her strength of creativity, I would say, although extremely multi-talented,is her creativity with her sensitivity to others. And... she loves to dance!!! She is like a princess when dancing. She can dance anything, but she so enjoys ethnic dancing. She hopes to one day teach dance; when the time is right. After God, her family comes first.

  Her friends are from children to those in their nineties. She celebrates them all. I am truly blessed. God has always given me the most wonderful friends to help me thru things, at every location, at every home where we have lived.

So I proclaim this to be Sevan Celebration Day!!! tehe :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Boonsboro Greenfest

Sheriff Bunny-made quite a few years back  & will be going to Greenfest.

 Needlesculpted in cloth, vintage silk whiskers, vintage fabrics/clothing, vintage sheriff badge I found at my Mom's after she died, cute metal jail key,leather holster with moveable gun,leather horse. Jointed limbs, and embroidered eyes. He's quite cute, and apropos for being near Antietam. Terrible picture.
Mostly vintage charm bracelets. Mostly Alex made, some me. There are a lot, and they hang on a pink feather tree for display.
Mess in dining room while getting kits, and other things, ready.
Some things in the garage that may make it to the show. Have to paint up the table. Vintage black, flower shelf might look too cute in my bathroom. We'll see.Carousel in garage, that I would like to work on and bring. It's taken apart in this picture, but it's really cool. Not sure if I'll have time to make it over. At least the way I'd like to do it.
And Alex just landed in Hawaii a short while ago. I'm jealous. If her best friend Kerry didn't go with her I was going to go.

 As an adult I've only had one vacation-to New Hampshire. I broke my foot while on my way up there in 2004. Had to disband my shop when I came back as I had no way of covering it, and didn't know if I needed surgery at the time. Too difficult with the crutches and the swelling. And I wanted to heal. 

I know, I traveled the world in my twenties, and saw so much more than most people could ever see in 10 lifetimes, but I was always working, and could barely get away from others to do my own thing, so to speak.

Ken and I have never vacationed. Our New Hampshire trip was a family one. Still had a good time, because NH is so beautiful. Yeah, we took family trips, jam packed with family events, and not much time to ourselves. Always a  lot of work , and always so little time. Just getting a little wistful.

And it's been raining all week long, and the weather channel predicts scattered thunder showers on Saturday for the show. What fun.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Big Box and Maru-This Kitty is too much-once he gets going, he doesn't stop! He's so funny!!!

The Mean Kitty Song in HD!!!

I love this ! Good clean fun:)

Dirty Stay-out

So this little guy-and he is little,all 8 lbs. of him full grown- went outside with Kiska(very tall tabby), when my daughter and her friend went out for the night and didn't close the door shut. We found the door open about a half hour later. Kiska, when seeing us, ran into the house,as he never likes us to get mad at him/or offend us.

But this little guy, Puma, made it out to the woods in the back which houses all kinds of mountain critters, not to mention ticks and fleas, etc.. And of course, their Frontline was good til the 30th of April, as luck would have it. They were due for it.( Now, these are house kitties, but the oldest, Mr. Kippurrs, is so fast and always sneaks out to chomp on the grass in the front or side, so they get the Frontline.) Well, Puma went galavanting into the night.

Needless to say, we were pretty ticked about the door being left open. When I went towards Puma out back in the dark, he meowed as if he were hurt.Faker. He was telling me 'Nanny, nanny, booboo' or translation-I want to stay out and play, because I've never done this before, and I was an abandoned,wild, rescued kitty originally, and am excited by the outdoors.

We knew he'd be back when he got hungry. He's always hungry and steals the others' food constantly. So naughty. We knew the food would bring him in if he were still alive, or unhurt. When we shook the food, he was tempted, and his eyes kept shining in the dark, but he was feeling his oats.

So when he came in, he got his Frontline, and went to sleep in a bathroom for the night with his nighttime snack. When I checked him, he actually looked good, so I'm hoping that last month's protection carried over to repel the nasties out there. We do live in the country, and bugs are all over. And, of course, I got 3 tick bites right outside my front door.

Dirty stayout. Glad he's ok. Just hope the house and we will be also. Also hope he won't now make a habit of being a dirty little stay-out.