KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Shows, Baby Shower, and 6 hours of standing still in traffic with Black Ice on the Roads

Well, the Home Show and Bake Sale were successful. I was pleased , considering the economy. I thought that I'd have time to relax, but NOOOOO, it's been a whirlwind!

Serge and I visited my darling niece and her hubby, the wonderful Jason. What a' head on the right way' couple! They're due with No. 1 in January, and we are all soooo excited!!! Their new house was 2 hrs. away, so we stopped in at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, so I could check out Urban Outfitters, which my kids like so much. I liked it, but would've preferred less of the 'In your Face' descriptives. I guess I'm an old fuddy-duddy. I just like my language a little clean , thank you. But , it did have interesting goodies. Then it was on to their new house. It is sooo nice in a lovely neighborhood, kind of' in the country' a bit. It is a 6 yr. old home that looks brand new. They surely lucked out! This super couple play Santa and the Mrs. and go into the poorest areas in Baltimore, and bring toys and gifts, and dinners to some of the poorest there. They are truly Amazing and Inspiring. I could write a whole book on them.

After coming home late I wrapped gifts til even later!

Well the next day was Tina's surprise Baby Shower. Jason had her going til the end when they drove up to the restaurant, and Tina saw the cars. She's no dummy folks. She's got a basketball in there, and is doing a super job taking caring of the baking! The shower was fab, as Mom/sister-in-law Ana always manages to do, and to do with great ease. She is sooo talented. But, more on her later. The food was great, and the cake was from Sugarbakers, so if you are Baltimore area/Catonsville area folks, you'll know how great it was.

It started to snow before we left, and when we hit Rte. 70, we heard of all the accidents and cars were off to the side of the road, all over the place. Too bad the news didn't tell us about this major road being CLOSED. We sat 35 min's away from home for 6 HOURS!!!!! It took 7 hrs. all together, for a trip that should've taken 1 hr. 15 min. at the most!!!EHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
Then the battery went - but I was lucky to flag down a tow truck who just happened to be going in reverse. He jumped us, then ran off. There were 4 of us in the car. There was quiet, there was yelling and screaming, there was laughing and finally giddiness. There was NO ONE to say anything, to help , or ANYTHING!!! Today, I heard of a few people who also were stuck in this mess. They said that they couldn't get salt trucks to us. What a load of crock! There was a multiple car pile-up. Somebody's rear better be on the line for this debacle!

We made it home fine, and I found out my battery was good and strong. We're lucky we didn't get in the crash. You have to count your blessings when these type of odd situations happen. Everything for a reason! We had leftovers from the party, so we ate a yummy dinner in the car at 9:30 at night. Lucky us. We held a blanket when us girls used the 'facilities'.

I just vegged yesterday.

Well, here are a few pictures from the Home Show. I forgot my camera both days for the Kris Kringle Show, where I met wonderful people and artists. More later.

First picture is of the outside- not a great picture, but it did look very nice. Next is above our front door. Before Ken went in for brain surgery, Tina and Jason held a surprise party for Ken at my brother's house with his lovely wife and great friend, Ana. Tina and Jason made these power cards , which are in different rooms around the house-Faith, Strength, Courage and Risk, Love, and the final one is above the front door-KICK ASS- to remind Ken of his job with this lung cancer. :) There is a great definition that goes with it. I'll have to share it some time.

Then there's a poor picture looking into our living room, but you get the picture. Nice and creamy light. Then the stars hanging in the dining room, and lastly the mostly jewelry table in the kitchen, near the delectable Bake Sale goodies(the latter are not visible here-suffice it to say that they were scrumptious, and looked fabulous:) )

Later Aligator! xo