KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Miranda's Story continues...

The wonderful Patti from Treasure Barn ( just folded, and passed it along (hint- it's fab!). Anyone daring to continue the story? It's getting very interesting... ( -See previous post's comments for story (I tried to copy and paste it here but my edit post just said, "No, no, no...!"  :) 


Friday, June 20, 2008

write your story, fold it, then pass it along...

Pontificating upon the travesties of the world at hand

Miranda transferred her angst into the postal body
and released the lines upon her face.
wouldn't it be nice to actually let such a simple way
contend with her life as a whole?
She jostled the book, which had fallen closed
as she awoke and realized that it was all a dream.
'Oh, well, tomorrow's a new day', she thought, and she fell softly asleep.
Outside, a postal truck came and emptied the nearby receptacle. 
A light filled the street, brighter than the sun, for a split second,
then was gone. 
The next day the mail came, and in the assorted mess of papers on her table, was an envelope
unlike any that she had ever seen.
She waited to pour some tea, relaxed, then sat in her favorite armchair, 
legs lifted over one arm on the cushioned arm.
She took a sip of tea and opened the letter...'heart wide open'...

Anyone care to continue the story?(keep it nice...)       Lydia   

  P.S. Accompanying artwork acceptable                               

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

50th Anniversary & Song Without Words

The above picture is a collage that I recently made and transfered onto 2 t-shirts for my aunt & uncle's 50th Anniversay celebration . I used an old family letter as the background, K & Co. paper, Making Memories rub ons and dimensional sticker, and studio K sticker, as well as family photos, and old sheet music. I also made a little globe with the same picture and words along the sides, covered the black base with velveteen ribbon and flowers.(picture not here). The shirts came out great, and my aunt & uncle both wear t-shirts, and they look 'fab' in them:)

So I recently finished the book that I spoke of, Song Without Words- The Photographs and Diaries of Countess Sophia Tolstoy, by Leah Bendavid-Val. It is published by National Geographic. And since my son won the National Geographic Society Geography Bee for his school when he was in 5th grade, he has been on their forever mailing list it seems. Anywho, we received a 50% off coupon because of a shipping snafu, so we looked on their site and found the book.

For those who may not know, Leo Tolstoy is one of the world's great writers.( He has written War and Peace, Anna Karenina,...). Tolstoy's family estate was called Yasnaya Polyana, and was located right next to the town of Tula in Russia at the turn of the 2oth century. Well, since my grandfather was from Tula, I was very interested in seeing the photographs especially. I am of direct Russian (and Byelo-Russian) descent, and my family attended Tolstoy Foundation Camp (Tolstoy Farm- which actually had farm animals...) in upstate NY in the 1960's.  This was founded by Tolstoy's youngest daughter, Alexandra Tolstoy. My father was even camp director for a time.

After getting a great recommendation for the book from family Tolstoy friend Masha, we purchased the book from National Geographic. What I got from reading the book was much more than the wonderful photos. The life of the  Tolstoy's , who renounced many of the aristocratic luxuries of the day, was actually very similar in many ways to life in the present. The author wove in family and historical events amongst the photographs and entries in such a way as to be able to feel the rhythm of Sophia's life,  an extraordinary person in her own right. She  was trying to make sense of her personal world,  trying  herself to add to the world, while preserving for posterity the genius of her husband.

 She was always seeking time for her art of photography, which back in the 1800's to early 1900's was a bit more difficult and time consuming than it is today. These entries especially rang home , as I forever seek to find more time in my world to create.

How different are we actually from those who have gone before us? I will stop here for fear of getting extremely philosophical and historical.

May I pose a question? What legacy will you leave your heirs? I usually share my troubles with my private journals, as they help me work out my problems to be a more positive and hopefully inspiring individual. I know that I want to help make the world a better place. I raise my children to hopefully do the same. I pray that this will be so.Lydia

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I just spent the last 2 days helping my oldest daughter move out of her college apartment. It took 2 van loads, and filled every crevice of my house(well, almost every crevice:)  ). She's staying w/her best friend as it's way closer to her work, and... she doesn't know anyone out here in the country. But my back is oh, so achy today. Ouch!!! Have to up the number on my Sleep Number bed.

After the mess is cleaned up, I promise, (dare I say that?) to get to my art work and post some pictures!!! Well, that along with finishing painting my office, and everything that goes along with it! :)

Lara put some of Mamochka's roses in our white 'iskustvenniye' (not natural/man-made) flowers in our dining room.

And I have to tell you about the most wonderful book that I found and am reading!- Song Without Words

Just recently filled my mother's dancing boots with different faded red flowers. I like them. What do you think? (Just click to enlarge any picture).

These are my other 2 kitties: Mr. Kippurrs (Kip, Kippy, Kippurrs) is the poofy one, and the little guy is the newest addition in January, Puma Pumata, alias skreep, meep ,meepy, skreepy. These two are such talkers!

What a hectic 2 weeks! Had lots to do leading up to company coming to stay at our home for my aunt and uncle's 50th Anniversary celebration. We're Eastern Orthodox (Russian Orthodox), and the priest who married my aunt and uncle was my family's priest growing up on LI.. His first wedding at our church as the new priest  was my aunt and uncle's. He came for the 50th , and performed a 'Rememberance' Ceremony, near the end of the service. For those unfamiliar, Orthodox services are one and a  1/2 hrs. long minimum. It was nice reminiscing, with Fr. Dan and Matushka(priest's wife) Dunya. What wonderful and sweet people! What happy memories from my childhood.

 My cousin had a dvd - a  1/2 hr. compilation from about 5 hrs. of family film, that he had put to music. In it are my parents at a young age, and myself and my siblings. My sister and I were dancing, and always rested on my dad's lap. We were  daddy's girls. It brings tears to my eyes, seeing him on this dvd. He passed away 28 years ago and was , I knew, the most wonderful father in all the world. In a father's day card I once wrote (found in his special memory  files that he kept for each of us ) in Russian- 'Papa , papa, papa, shto mi budyem dyelat' bez tebya?'-which means, "Papa, papa, papa, what will we do without you?' I always knew I was loved by my parents. What a tremendous blessing.

The roses are an old rose bush from my mother's garden that we transplanted 2 times, after her passing 9 years ago. (Those darn Japanese Beetles do a number on the leaves). She even sends me roses in different seasons. It is my mother sending me her love.

The green moth was on our front doorstep one night and the next morning. How unusual! What do you think? Have you ever seen one such as this? Does anyone know what kind it is?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ehhh! My oldest is going to see Riverdance at Wolftrap. I'm jealous! I don't think she knows yet how good it's going to be:) Enjoy, Gorgeous!

Groucho Marx singing- Lydia the Tattooed Lady(dim the playlist to hear)