KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

S Novim Godom! Happy New Year!

Last photo of hubby taken a day before his massive stroke last year at his Mom's. Thanksgiving 2009. Vomiting and Thanksgiving don't quite go together. He put on this smile for us, even though what he was going through was lousy, he still gave us this smile.
My three beautiful children at my niece's wedding last year. Even though they have been through so much, their youth carries them onward. What is the quote? "Youth is a gift of nature. Age is a work of art." Forgot who said it. So I am a work of art? Wish I thought so! ...hahaha
A little china head doll with painted body that I made about 1 1/2 years ago. Already sold, but I thought I would post it. Not sure if I posted her picture before or not.
Here's her sister. They went to the same home. Her crown and mask are made out of painted tar paper. It is fairly sturdy and paints up well.
Yesterday we went to the facility where hubby worked. He ran the junior tennis program there for years, and the day after Christmas starts the largest junior tournament in our state. When Ken passed away, they renamed it in his name. Nice, huh?

So they asked me to come in to hand out awards, shake hands, and take photos with the winners. My oldest, who works there, did the morning photos I believe, and my middle daughter was working, so my son handed out the finalists' awards, and I the winners' .

It was nice because the winner of the boys 18s was one of Ken's long time students. And he had to beat out a lot of stiff competition to get there. And the finalist of the boys 16's is the son of Ken's doubles partner.

It was nice seeing friendly faces. One of them was a young lady who Ken coached for years who 'made good' in the tennis world. She's graduating college soon. Seeing her , I told her how much Ken enjoyed coaching her. She was affected, and I started to cry, just a little. I had to NOT look at all his photos at the club, to retain my composure.

After that nice afternoon, my son and I had dinner, then a quiet evening at home.My oldest was with her boyfriend, and celebrations leading up to a wedding today. My middle daughter went with a good friend to a Drama teacher's party for past and present students, then they came home to play guitar and make brownies. And I put a mini fooseball table together that I had gotten as a gift. The regular table is in the basement, but my oldest thought it would make a great gift to have a little table upstairs.

You see, in college, I 'minored' in fooseball. I hung out with all the international students, who were very good at the fooseball table, and learned a thing or two. Of course, I am out of practice a bit. My friend Jean and I would put our quarter up to play the winners. The guys would size us up and think they could beat us because we were a couple of girls. Then we'd whip their buns, and perplex the heck out of them. And to think that the first time I played the game in Syracuse, while visiting Jean, that I played so very badly. But, I was smitten by the game and got so good that by the time I visited her next, I was actually a decent partner. And so began my career in University Fooseball....hahaha

It was hard last night at midnite, not having my Ken to kiss, not even in the hospital. It was also hard because now I have to say that I lost my husband 'last year'. And remembering our quiet night last (2009) New Year's Eve in the Rehab hospital, and the following day when we spent 11 1/2 hours in the ER of the hospital attached to the Rehab . Hospital, all the while taking care of my husband's hematuria, and the subsequent lack of sleep for 2 days+, and the horrible stay at that hospital for 6 days, and just wanting to take hubby home because they were just atrocious there, and him going back to the Rehab, Hospital, but things had changed and he started to go down hill---well, those are tough memories to hold for all of us.

But, you know? God says to have hope 'til the end. And that's what I did with Ken, and that's what I do now. Hope that things will get better for us all, and knowing that he is at peace, and no longer in mental, (and physical) suffering. For it was the mental suffering which was the hardest for my poor hubby.

So if you smoke, please heed this warning. I don't want to get graphic, but it was no cake walk to go through what my hubby went through. Don't risk what he went through. You will be so very thankful that you gave it up. I did, so many years ago, when I became pregnant with my first, and I am so thankful that I did. I've spoken of dolls/artwork, kids , a hubby that left us, smoking, and fooseball in college. Now I have a kitty on my lap who needs some attention:)

Have a Blessed New Year.

xo Lydia