KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Random Pictures , while I work........and 3 years ago today, hubby had his brain surgery...

Very old Icons given to me by my Mamochka, when I got married. There are 2 different of the round, and 2 different of the rectangular. They flank our fireplace.
Power words around our house. This one is above our front door, with a definition not visible in this picture. Made and given to Ken and the family by my niece and her Marine husband right before Ken went into Hopkins for his brain surgery in '06.
A picture of random bags that I made, when I was storking things up.The outside card opens up- a brad closes it.(sold)

Very pretty feeling roses in my dining room. They feel so real. I love the way they feel. Vintage colored pencil snow scene picture in background.Vintage Russian , old, rubber dolls on my kitchen counter.
Working on a show picture. What my dining room often looks like at those times...stuff all over the place. 'Kits' in 3-tier basket. I sell vintage and other items that I no longer need or want in cute little packages. They are very popular and inexpensive. You will find all kinds of goodies in the 'kit' bags.
Needle sculpted Santa doll in background on beautiful , linen fabric. Pin-keep proppings.....
That cute little santa guy- jointed. He is pretty small. Vintage curtains from my toddlerhood for clothing.

Setting up Virtual Pay Pal& Etsy, getting ready for the Big Baltimore Flea (in Timonium), finishing an on-line application, taxes, applying for another juried show before 2 Oct., writing the syllabus for the Russian class I'm teaching for 4 weeks thru the community college, and lesson plans, subbing,.........

cleaning messes, finishing Halloween items for Laura Turner's at the Frizellburg Antique Shop in Taneytown, MD, and then for her Christmas show, deciding on a Home Show/Bake Sale date-3rd year at my home, getting papers ready to redo the mortgage, trying to be the peacemaker in this stressed out house, dealing with Lyme and a pulled ankle, and with hubby's fatigue and continuous pain, bills and finances in general, trying to get things ready to show to shops......

.and 2 Halloween swaps coming ready in a few days (Viv's), scrubbing paint off the kitchen floor, before we paint there again!!!...............................trying to sleep, stay calm & not being sensitive to the kids' bickering/feuds (this one is tough for me), keeping them in line with their attitudes to us and one Kiska his medicines and praying that it is only a stuck hairball or stuck piece of chewed off piece of tail that's giving him the problems...OK, there's more , but I don't want to put you to sleep.

I don't know how people do it. I mean, as soon as I get set to do something to completion, life gets in the way- in the way of working, making art, being together as family .....just a bunch of hogwash tears drip, drip, dripping down the cheeks the end of last week. Taking my B's and prayin'. Praying all the time. Putting my big girl panties on again....finding the silver lining in the clouds, exceptin' I was too low on the ground to see any. Still lookin'. xo Lydia

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Computer is BACK!!!!!

Pumpkin Dude on Tambourine that I painted a few years back, in vintage style.Little Halloween Girl -sold.

Here's My Heart Tea Tin.
A picture of Jenny and her daughter from last year's Boonsborough Days. I will post better pictures when I get them. I know that the picture is not great, but she was as nice as her smile looks, even nicer.:)xo

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Show, and I am touched... so many people who have come into my little artist blogging world. So God has taken Jenny. They say that God wants all the special ones close by. You know the expression,"only the good die young". I read a short story in 9th grade, The Bridge of San Loius Rey. I'd forgotten who had written it for many years. Then a few years back was listening to some radio program about books, and couldn't believe my luck, for there was the conversation about this story. Well, it was none other than Hemingway.

...a digression..........You know, that while on Safari in Kenya I stayed at a lodge where Hemingway wrote The Snows of Kilimanjaro. This lodge was in season of the dung beetles- these huge 4 inch beetles that crunched when stepped on, and were all over the place and so yucky that you had to side step wherever you walked. I also slept with a tarantula in my room that night. Truth. I am so brave when I have to be. They had no other room available, and I slept under my covers with all the lights on. Mistake. The bugs somehow found their way into my room. It must have been every bug in Kenya visiting my room that night.I pulled the bed away from the wall, and peeked out every so often, and closed the door to the bathroom. I had seen the tarantula in the bathtub. Needless to say, I didn't get much sleep that night.

Well, that story stayed with me that last year of Junior High. It stayed with me all my days since then. It takes place in some South American town in the 20's or 30's I believe. There is a strong rope like bridge connecting the town to the 'outside' world. It has been there for so very long, maybe hundreds of years, repaired many times along the way. But, one day it breaks, collapses, and 7 people perish to their death. One of them is a child, another is a pregnant woman, the others old , middle aged, etc..(note- I am going by memory here, so if I have forgotten something in my description of the story, please forgive, but, the basics are such).

A monk questions, why now, why these people? He decides to investigate their lives. And , one by one he finds that in some way these people have all accomplished what it was that they were meant to accomplish here on this earth. They were ready in some way. It seemed so very unfair thinking of the child, and the pregnant woman, etc.. But, the story had a certain beauty to it. When we lose those who we love, and there is no sense in their passing, and it all seems so very unfair, we pull at threads, trying to catch one that seems to bring a semblance of sense into the picture. Something, that is, to console us in some way. I think of this story every time that someone dies and we feel the hurt.

So the good Lord has taken Jenny, but the angels have seen fit to suddenly place into my life so many new artist blogging friends. And for that, I am thankful.

Jenny's son and daughter were with us Friday to Saturday, helping at the show. Well, after unloading the car Owen didn't quite feel too well, and went home with Serge. Emma loved to do the shows with Jenny and was such a trooper, as she always is, and is quite the artist and entrepreneur herself . But, it was hard for both of them. It was hard for all of us. It still seems so surreal.

It rained Saturday, drizzling off and on all day. Later in the day it got rather cool. The hoola hoops helped my tent. Neighbors last year at the event told me about these hula hoops that they used in the roof of their tent. They are placed to keep the water from drooping in the roof with the weight of the water. They are placed a certain way, and then duct taped.

The show was a success nevertheless, and there were lines numerous times into my little show space. And I actually met fellow bloggers who just happen to live in my neck of the woods! How cool is that?

I met the very sweet Kathleen from Musings from a French Cottage who blogged about my booth space and her purchases. You can see her wonderful blog here. I hope that she doesn't mind me 'lifting' her picture of my work that she purchased:) I am not really a blingy person, but for the holidays and special things love some great glitter like the best of them:) tehe ....The picture is of a small Glitter Deer using Martha's fab fine glitter, vintage tinsel, crepe paper, and balanced to sit straight on a vintage checker. And I see that she has labeled it glitter lamb, and you know, the small size does look like a lamb indeed, although it is actually a deer. I think it looks better as a lamb! hahaha

What do you think, better as a lamb , or a deer? It is in the eye of the beholder I think:)

Oh, and one last note. Last year Jenny and I had shared a space. We decided to get 2 spaces side by side (if they'd put us so, which they did) in anticipation of a good show, and I requested to be near my church booth selling Greek food, as my kids love to help out each year (which they did). But, instead, I placed a sign in the ground of her space about Victorian Vignettes & C, Jenny, 1961-2009, booth number#___, Memory Eternal .

Many people felt emotion when hearing the story, and felt that they must be more appreciative of the day, as one never knows when the end will be for a loved one. And the last person to come into the space purchased one of Jenny's vintage pins. You can go to Jenny's blog here and look on the right side to see them in a dish. She made the first few at my house at our artist date with the girls.

I recognized this lovely woman from last year. I believe that her name is Jeannette. She then told me about the most wonderful shadow box that she had purchased last year from our space. I asked her which one she had purchased. She proceeded to describe the shadow box with such endearment, and stated how very much she adored the box. When I told her that it was Jenny's, her eyes moistened, and we said our goodbyes, both choked up. I felt it a fitting way to end the show, remembering my dear friend and our appreciation for her wonderful artwork.

Goodnite dear friends.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Boonsborough Days.... come and stop and say hello...

...if you can:)

So, Jenny's son and daughter will be with me at the show. I will help them to sell some of Mom's beautiful artwork at my booth. We're right next to the Gyros stand, run by our church- the best food at Boonsborough Days!

Of course, I did not finish much of the artwork that is still on my island and kitchen table. I am bringing what I have, and will bring more for Sunday...including wax covered, beautiful journals, glazed pins,and more.

See you at the show!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Day 1 -the wake...

It just isn't fair. Life, that is. It was hard seeing Jenny. But she was beautiful, never-the-less.

Met more of her family. Loved her Mom, and my son really liked her Dad. Her Mom sounded a bit like my Great Aunt Betty, so besides being such a lovely woman, as Jenny was, her voice and intonation endeared me to her even more. I am so very sorry to have met them under such circumstances. I could tell who she was, and Jenny's lovely sister as well, from the beautiful skin and facial features, and hair.

And Steve's wonderfully friendly family of siblings, made us feel like family.

It's supposed to be the other way around. You are not supposed to bury your children. God's master plan is certainly perplexing at times. It can be so very difficult holding on to faith at such times. But, of course, that is exactly what it is that we are to do.

And it was so great seeing old photos and wedding pictures. And I never put two and two together that Jenny and my Dad shared the same birth date. Tomorrow is their 19th wedding anniversary.

We most certainly must be in some alter universe right now. It just doesn't seem real.

In church yesterday Fr. led us in Memory Eternal for Jenny. I am Eastern Orthodox. Something that the Eastern Orthodox have is beautiful services and memorials . The Memory Eternal song is solemn, respectful, and a tear jerker. It reaches into the heart to emote all the feelings caught up inside- all in one little , short song. This was the song sung for Jenny.

I am sorry that this is an art blog, and all I seem to be writing about is all of these unfortunate events. We certainly have had a lot this year. I have had years like this before, but it never makes it any easier.

And for those of you more reserved than I, I am sorry, but "I wear my heart on my sleeve". And as my good friend Jalene says, "And that's a good place for it to be." In fact, that is what I have always wanted to be written on my tombstone, "She wore her heart on her sleeve, and ........... .....................".

So dear reader, forgive my many tears, for it heals my broken heart. At least, I hope it will.

ps- Alex, my oldest, being the doll that she is, has worked so hard for me for 2 days, tagging and finishing off items, helping me to get ready for this weekend's show, Boonsborough Days. If you are nearby, be sure to stop on by and say hello. It will be good to see a friendly face:)

Friday, September 4, 2009

My Very Good Friend Jenny...Victorian Vignettes & C/Vignettes Etc.

We have had devastating news today. Just one month and one day since our little Kippy passed away we received the horrible text and phone call.

My good friend Jenny , the mother of my son's best friend, passed away suddenly today. Serge received an emergency text message from Owen that his Mom had a seizure and was rushed to the hospital. We prayed right away. I drove to the post office 2 minutes away. Serge called me with the terrible news, that she had died.

Some of you may 'know' Jenny through her very new blog, Victorian Vignettes & C. And as I went to her site just before this post, I see that she just changed it to Vignettes Etc...(Musings from a sometime crafter about antiques, vintage finds, and road trips).

She had just broken her foot last week, by tripping over a mannequin that had been lying down on the floor at an antique shop in Rehobath,De..She just saw her doctor on Wed., and now this.

I have known Owen's family for 8 years now. The boys met in 1st grade. The first time Serge was going to Owen's to play with him, I left the car running to meet and talk to the parents. Serge inadvertently locked the car, while it was running. I had to call AAA, and felt awful to burden Owen's parents. But, they were as gracious as anyone could be, and we became instant friends... Even Ken as well, when they met.

We moved to our new home 4 years ago and Serge was so upset to leave his friends, and especially Owen. But, we got the boys together monthly or bi-monthly, and they have remained best friends even though we live an hour and 15 min's. apart. We usually meet halfway, and sometimes have delicious NY style pizza at my fam's favorite pizza place in MD, at J&P Pizza.

Last year, Jenny and I shared a booth at Boonsborough days, our first B's Days. In 37 years it never had rain. But, last year on Sat., it poured. The show is wonderful with over 10,000 people in attendance, and yard sales for miles around. It attracts people from more than 4 states. We still did well, and Jenny and I got separate booths this year in anticipation of a great show. She was so very excited about the show, and Emma, her daughter as well.

Jenny and Emma were just at our home recently, (Emma's idea), to work on artwork for the show. It was such a great day.Jenny shared some of her beautiful vintage red flocked posies from a hat that she had found. I was tickled 'red':)

Jenny made beautiful collaged shadow boxes, cloches,and other items, and sold antiques. Jenny worked full time for the Archives, and was a wonderful, historical writer, with published works. She leaves behind her loving husband , Steve, and their 2 beautiful children, ages 14, and 11. I feel honored to have known her, and to have called her my good friend. I loved her very much, and she will be missed always by many.

I am sorry that I have no pictures right now, w/my computer not being fully installed at this point. My family is devastated... A lovely and beautiful woman, kind and generous, a true gentle spirit, my friend Jenny.

As an additional note, a friend from my youth, the brother of my college friend from Kenya, who I would visit when taking tour groups on safari there also just passed away, from lung cancer just 2 weeks ago in Canada. He was also young, leaving behind 3 children, the youngest 13, and also, a dear and gentle soul, my friend Jawade(Javed). We started to email earlier this year, catching up for a short time on life, after many years.

Memory Eternal Jawade! Memory Eternal Jenny, dear friend! May the angels guard you in heaven as you look down upon your families and keep watch over them. This is so hard,and the tears will not stop. Please say a prayer for these wonderful souls and their families.

This is such a tough year.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

OK- so I still have no pictures, music, or writing program

Desi and Lucy

Halloween last year w/Alex and her honey , Mark. Thrift store vintage dress.So I wanted to say hello, but have no place to put my pics yet. Maybe I can get them onto the desktop as Alex did w/her gazillions of pictures of her and Mark.

Subbing, interpreting, working on journals, dolls, paintings, inspiration heart pinkeeps, little stockings, big stockings, glazed pins and ornaments, dominoe necklaces, Halloween items, artwork on little blocks, painting up antiques/vintage finds... all for the shows coming up. Boonsborough Days are in 2 weeks, then some other shows, my home show, shops, Etsy store opening soon, maybe a new ELL position soon, Russian classes to teach at the community college.........ok, I am out of breath, well, except that I want to kick out all the people in the government these days. Maybe , I'll run!!! hahaha... I feel like that sometimes.