KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Beautiful Vintage ,Red, Floral Bark-cloth

So I finally washed the gorgeous vintage, red, floral bark-cloth that I bought that was in mint condition. The one that I didn't quite want to cut into because it was so perfect. Well, I washed it twice, as I usually do , and so much lint came off in the dryer that Hubby complained about having to clean out the dryer vent on the outside. Each time it was loaded with red lint.

Well, as often happens with older fabrics, the weaker areas tore through. It probably had just been hanging around for about 40 or 50 years or so, with no usage. But, the good thing is that I have no qualms about cutting it up for purses or aprons , or whatever. Three of the 4 panels tore in a few areas. One panel stayed strong. There's plenty of fabulous fabric to make yummies out of!  :)   Yippee for me!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A little collage on wood that I recently finished. Sorry, for the lousy picture, but I scanned it and the light crept into the scan bed. This caused it to look more pale than it is.
This is what my dining room table looks like right now. Unfinished canvas paintings, paintings and collages that need their paper backings, and a few other miscellaneous items.So , what does your table top hold? I have this 'problem'. The problem is that I love to dabble in many media. Thus, the mixed media, right? Duh!

In 6th grade, my music teacher(Mr. Seeger-relative of the folk singer, Pete Seeger) asked the class what subjects  they liked. He said, "Social Studies?" I raised my hand along with a few others. "English?", of course I loved to read and would read a few hundred books a year, so I raised my hand. "Art?'

 Well, I loved art w/Miss Shapiro. Tall, slender, oh so chic, with her long black hair in a pony tail or bun. She looked and dressed like a model. She always liked my work and would choose me for special events and things- like painting a very large balalaika on the backdrop of the stage for an upcoming performance of some kind. It was a huge balalaika. We're talking, auditorium size backdrop here. The picture was a collage of different pictures. I also painted some of the other pics , I believe, but the balalaika stands out in my mind because of my Russian background. I know, I'm digressing.

Well, Mr. Seeger(sp?), went through every subject. And, well, I raised my hand for every subject. The last one was Math. Well, I'm a polyglot, so of course , I loved Math! Math was just another language to me. I raised my hand. He looked at me as if I was from another planet. How could anyone like Math?, along with every other subject???

 Got to stay focussed. I can focus in really well, but can get a bit out of whack when life hits the table. Especially things like, "Please help me w/my taxes, and scholarship papers, or my English paper, or the on-line paperwork, that the schools already have, but now want on-line". Ehhhhh!!!!!

Back to my lists . They help to keep me sane- that is, if I read them:) (Actually, they help to imprint what I need to do into my brain)....I've been wanting to get to some sewing. Dolls, purses, heart pin-keeps...yes, some fabric, and a needle and thread...I love hand sewing. Oh, yes, and I wanted to get to work on some cool, vintage fabric aprons that have been floating around in my head.....Focus. First things first, second things second, third things third.....

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Flea Market Finds

Here's a sweet little antique, satin purse, with tiny white and gold beads. A great' Something Borrowed 'clutch, that would be great for a wedding. Alex loves purses, and may get it, if it doesn't go for sale.:)
Way cool working clock! Except I want to give it a new fresh cord. It's got a great aged metal rim , and is just over a foot in diameter. It just needs some cardboard or other hard material to hold the glass and clock in place. It will go into my studio when built, unless I put it for sale.
This is an old little picture stand. It's got wonderful patina. Matches my old grapefruit spoon. I found a set of 4 grapefruit spoons to match the one I have from my Grandfather's house, and this stand, but wanted to pay less for them. Maybe next time.
This picture I wanted to get a while back, but decided against for the time being. It comes in a great old, gold painted frame. Makes you think that you are walking into the picture.Well, I got more goodies, but this sending my pictures on my cell phone to my email is so time consuming, and so many pictures just don't come out well , that I just delete them. I got other little goodies. I snagged a fabulous Vintage wire and sea shell hanging. I am No lover of sea shells, but it was just too cool. I will put a hanging lamp into it for Alex, or my studio. Boy, I better get going on that studio!!! 

Also found a bag of small, vintage, cotton batting birds. I have a tiny little ,blue, wooden cage that I've been working on that would love to meet one of those birds. Found a vintage rubber little boy toy, holding a tennis racket. It will be for hubby or son on one of their birthdays. So cute....and a couple of little other things to collage/paint/work on.

So please pardon the awful pics. I'm trying!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

So you'll have to excuse my pictures, but I'm working from my cell phone camera, as my camera isn't working. 

Chocolate covered strawberries. If you don't know how to make them , I'll tell you, as it is quite easy! Beats any store bought dipping syrup, which to me tastes  fake. You can dip them in milk chocolate, or dark chocolate. Both taste great!

First, wash the strawberries. Then, this is most important, blot them dry! Next, put a little water in a pot large enough to hold a glass dish such as a Pyrex dish. Put your chocolate morsels in the glass dish. Start boiling the water. Second important note! Don't let the boiling water touch the glass dish!!!,  (as this will harden the chocolate). As soon as it boils, lower the temperature to a medium boil, stir the chocolate often. When melted, hold the strawberry by the stem and carefully dip it in the chocolate. Place on a wax paper lined plate,(plastic or metal is best, as it will go into the freezer). When done, place the plate into the freezer for just a few minutes. That's it! Store in fridge. Now how easy is that?!

 Makes a great dessert for  a shower, or other party. Everyone will be impressed! I've made these in a pinch for party's that I had for a teacher having a baby, and for a teacher getting married,( class mom for many years), as well as parties at home or attended. You can even dust them with some confectioner's(10X) sugar.

Enjoy! Yum!

How Cute is She?

My great niece:) What a living doll! (c. C.J. Hall)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Watercolor Primitive Icon

An Icon is a depiction ,(painting, carving, etching..), of a holy figure or item in the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, (saint,archangel,guardian angel,holy person, or cross..).

One thing most people don't realize, is that these blessed paintings/carvings/etchings/ depictions  are the saint, archangel, or holy person looking out at us, blessing us. 

So when those in the mixed media art field, take an icon and 'defile' it, by say, cutting out the face, and putting in say a scull face, or something, it is considered to be sacrilegious.
Now, if they don't care, that is their choice of course.

 But, there are those who, knowing this, would not want to use such a picture in their artwork. I have seen the former, whereby the saint's picture was defiled. And I have seen beautiful artwork, reveling in the beauty of the depiction- creating either a stage/scene with the icon and embellishing, or just painting one in a respectful manner.

Another tidbit. The icon painters turned into the Palekh/Mystyora/Kholoui/Fedoskino painters ,(different types of Russian lacquered boxes and items which are very popular ).

These are just very brief, simplified bits of info for those who may be interested.:)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Year of Sputnik

This is a copper etching(?) of Fr. Joseph, a wonderful man, who brought over my grandfather and his brother, and was my Dad's Godfather. If you click on it, you can kind of see it better. I forget exactly what it is called. Pictures were made from it.
I was born in the year of Sputnik. ...thus the Russian-American interviews on playlist talking about when Sputnik went up.

 My  Byelo-Russian born Mom came here right after the war, when she married my American born Dad in Germany. 

My grandfather on my Dad's side came over right before Lenin , ' saw the power on the streets and picked it up.' He was from the wrought iron factory town of Tula, right outside of Moscow, nearby Tolstoy's  Yasnaya Polyana. (He was sent over with a brother and an Orthodox priest for religious freedom. They saw the revolution coming, and at the time, my grandfather wanted to become a priest.) Tula is where they made the cannons and samovars. 

 My grandmother's family,(Dad's side), were Russian, from Galitsia, which is now the Austria-Hungary area.

Does anyone remember what the copper picture plate was called? It's slipping my mind right now. I want to say tin-type, but it is copper.

 I was very lucky that my grandfather gave me so many family memories such as this, at a very early age. I always appreciated the family history /belongings. I have a wealth of great things that are irreplaceable- such as letters from my Russian great-grandparents, the original boat ticket on the Christiania, passports...original St. Petersburg maps, and my grandfather's study books from Russia, and when he came to the US. There is so much more. It's just fabulous. How lucky am I ?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alex's Art

So my daughter Alex, has been making art her whole life. You will find her on the phone on her bed, making art. ...or on the floor.....So she made a bunch of charm bracelets, necklaces of vintage and new findings, broches ,etc.. for the show at Laura's. Only Mom had to tag and inventory them. So I made her up sheets of names for her to cut into tags, so that she can do her own tagging. It's the Cezanne font, which I love. 

Basically I print out the business name, or what I want to say, all over the page with spaces. I print them out on cardstock, then take different hole punches to cut them out. They're ready to go, by punching a circular hole, large or small from which to hang or brad the tag.

Oh, yeah, and she likes to eat when she is hungry. Don't we all? Well, Alex hungry, is not a happy girl. Settle her little tummy, and she's a happy camper. Even when we took her and her sister to Switzerland, (Alex was 4 and Lara was 1 1/2), the way to have a calm and happy day, was to give her food( bread), and drink, (tea/water). She was so finicky, that if she didn't like the food, some good bread-I'm talking the real stuff, not the packaged store bought bread- would always tide her over 'til we  could get some nice protein or friuts into her.

And if you are ever in Geneva, the absolute best place to eat is the 'Cafe de Paris'. It just serves entrecote,(rib steak), salade,et pommes frites. Oh, yes, wine also. That's it. The entrecote is a secret recipe. It's tender , thin beef slices, served to perfection in their own 'sauce'. Basically, it's a butter, garlic concoction that'll blow your mind. And the french fries are skinny , and delicious, cooked from real potatoes. The salad is perfect to finish the entree. And I think, they serve ice cream for dessert. 

Also, the train ride from Geneva to Bern, whefre the Bern Bears are located, has a great car for kids, with play area right in the train-and place for parents to sit at tables. And this was 18 years ago!

Anyone see the Bern Bears? ...Or eat at the Cafe de Paris in Geneve?

A very nice Award:)

This award was given by Nancy, from Nancy's Never Enough Time!. She has a wonderful blog, full of 'good feeling' inspiration and quotes. The award comes with the following words.

"This blog invests in the PROXIMITY- nearness in space , time, and relationships.These blogs are exceedingly charming . These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self- aggrandizement! Our hope is that, when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. "

What a very sweet award sentiment.:) I am touched.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Dancing Angel

An angel came to help me get ready for the show. A dancing angel. 

My very good Armenian friend, Sevan (pronounced: say-von, stress on the first syllable) , came and helped me do tagging and  my inventory list for 5+hours. that I could finish up more artwork.

Need I say more?...ah, yes, thank you:)!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I love this BumbleBee!!!

So this BumbleBee is about 4 years old, and is Kiska's,(head household kitty), favorite toy.

 Feeling frazzled with so much to do to deliver to this little show for this weekend. X-rays, kids fighting, everything falling out of refrigerator door when opened....frustrating and time consuming phone calls re: med'l insurance and spending hours on the phone for others' typographical errors, emailing , blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.....not getting to what I want to get to, and losing my cool 'just a little'-argh!!!

...and then Kiska just came , meowed liked he does when he's gifting it to me, and plopped his favorite Bumble Bee on the desk, right here, right now. 

It melts my heart every time:)...OK-(looking upward),Thank you for the pick me up:)... back to my tagging and inventory list!:)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Thank you, Nice to Meet you, and Getting Ready for a show...

So here's a quick and inexpensive , yet personalized idea! I purchased a little silver bead toy in the dollar section at Target over the holidays. You know, it's round, has a picture enclosed under glass, with holes punched through the picture, and you try to move the silver beads into the holes. You're done, when all the holes are filled. A very old style game for younguns'.
I took apart the wooden back of the toy, cut out a picture of my little nephew,born on my b-day almost 2 yrs. ago, and his older brother to fit the inside. I pressed the paper on the inside to make the whole template, holes included.  Then I punched out the holes to match their openings inside the toy. I glued down the picture with some glue, then sealed the wood backing.....Voila, a simple personalized toy, that was a hit with my nephew and his family. :)  (Sorry for poor photo- camera does not take good close up pics.)>
The whole job took less than a half hour, cost $1.00, and some scraps of paper, and glue. I covered the back to personalize it, and make it look special. And there you have it! It's always so much fun making special little things like this to personalize for others. People are always amazed that you think of these things. Go figure! I thought I was just having fun!:)
Thank you for all of the  nice comments  from the Carnival attendees and all who visited during this weekend's Carnival Blog Soiree posts....And,... So nice to meet so many of you! A couple of the attendees posted off the chart fabulously! Wow! That was a lot of fun:)

So I'm getting ready for Laura's Springtime in Frizellburg show, at Frizellburg Antiques, in Taneytown,MD.. I've been doing Laura's shows for years now, since my kids were little. Her place is located in Carroll county, minutes from the Pennsylvania border.( The other show is Christmas in Frizellburg). She gets some the finest area artists, especially with  a vintage flair. Plus, if you like smalls, you will love rummaging through her bags and baskets of misc. items with which to make art. She displays really well, so if you like smalls, I promise, you will not be disappointed! 

I only have a little to bring in , at this point, but Laura makes you feel special, no matter how much you bring in. She is an absolute doll- I mean, THE nicest person! So if you're in the area, check out the show on 20-21 March, 2009. Just click on Frizellburg Antiques to link and get directions and further info:)

So, I'm always last minute Sally when it comes to delivering to her show, as something always comes up- like the visit to the Medical Ctr. to have my son's foot x-rayed this am.. Radiologist said it wasn't broken, but it's swollen and bruised nastily, so we'll keep an eye on it, looking out for a stress fracture. And my other daughter, just got her license but has no car, and so because I need my car, I don't give it up that readily. You know what that means! Chauffeur-especially to last minute events-ug!

Wish me luck! What shows or events are you getting ready for? Making anything special?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mr. Auguste Unica (post #4-plz. read from post #1 for the day:) )

On the path home from the soiree,hosted by the generous and clever Lisa Kettel of Faerie Enchantment, despondent that I never met up with my friend, I chanced upon  the Little White Duck, and friend. They had a very nice time at the Carnival Soiree, and were very sorry that I missed Mr. Auguste Unica.
Missy Elle and friend, stayed 'til it was late, and told me that they had seen Mr. Auguste Unica! I couldn't believe it! They were so very excited to tell me the news!
Just then, I noticed a white stallion running quickly past, shouting,"Quickly, they've found him, there's been an accident!!!"
And there, at the end of the lane was Mr. Auguste Unica.

 He had such a tale to tell of why he was late and missed the carnival. It seems that a wild carnival dog was drunk on cotton candy cocktails. He'd won the cocktails at the dunking booth and attacked Mr. Auguste Unica, thinking he was a blue sausage. He was terribly hungry and took 3 bites out of Mr. Auguste Unica's clothing. He got both sleeves, and the back of his right foot. 

 She immediately dragged the beautiful pom-pom netting to Mr. Auguste Unica, gave one side to Starly Stan, and she took the other. They lifted him up by the pom-pom netting, as at his age, it was very difficult with his big feet to stay steady after all the excitement!Unfortunately, it was well past midnite, and the Wonderful Carnival Blog Soiree had already closed. After helping to patch Mr. Auguste Unica's clothing and shoe, they posted a picture on the telephone pole where the carnival poster was hung, to show that Mr. Auguste Unica was ok, so that the soiree goers would see the next day, and not worry about him. 

I could see the dim picture in the poor lighting .  Yes, indeed he was ok. I finally met up with him and his new friends. Being the gentle and forgiving clown that he is, he also became fast friends with Carnival Sam himself. He was quite embarassed about his clothing when I met up with him, always wanting to look his best, and barely opened his eyes, so upset was he that he missed our date, and the most wonderful blog soiree carnival that had been had.

But, all was not lost , dear friend, as Mr. Auguste Unica made the nicest new friends. He knew that everything happened for a reason, and that the reason must be that even though he didn't attend the carnival soiree, he was meant to meet such nice new friends. We all told him about the funny and charming stories that happened this very enchanted day . He actually loved all the attention, in the retelling of the wonderful event!

And when I get a better camera, as mine no longer works, I will show the world Mr. Auguste Unica in all his recycled, new finery. A Happy Ending to a very Happy Day!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"Hello, have you seen Mr. Auguste Unica"? (post #3)

There was a large group of Carnival attendees, getting ready for the fun.
"I have not seen Mr. Auguste Unica", said Miss Heartwell, getting ready for her fun performance,(she still was not ready).

"I have not seen your friend , the clown",said Miss Primrose Petal also not ready for her showing at the carnival with her kitty.
"I have not seen your friend, Mr. Auguste Unica", chimed Ms. "B" on the trapeze, also not ready, as you can see; along with Robert Rabbit, and Red Heart Kitty.
"Not I", said Curlylocks, enjoying the bubbles in the Bubblerama Tent.
"Oh, My, it's getting late, already nearly 6:00pm. If I don't find Mr. Auguste Unica before the Carnival Soiree closes, I'll have to present with him tomorrow, and that will be a day late!!!I hope that doesn't happen, but if it does, please check back here tomorrow. He is very old, and a great sage of the circus, and certainly worth meeting!:) He's probably taking his time getting dressed properly for all you carnival attendees. Oh, my, oh, my...It seems that no one over here is quite ready for all the activities!"

"Has anyone seen Mr. Auguste Unica, my Clown Friend???" (post # 2)

"Not I", said the Ballerina.
"Not I", said the Sweet Pea Alexandra getting ready for her trapeze act.

"Not I", said Princess Kitty Foo Foo, rehearsing for her solo.
"Not I", said Cotton Candy  Kitty, finishing up some cotton candy.
Well, who was that? Where did he go???Was that Mr. Auguste Unica? It's getting late, and I don't know if we'll make it in time for the Carnival.

I'll just have to go back to the others at the Carnival with Faerie Enchantment. 
There are giveaways for the carnival participants! " Mr. Auguste Unica!" Hello, is that you?" Where could he be???

The Carnival's in town Today over at Faerie Enchantment!!! (post # 1)

Oh, Me, Oh, My, the Carnival's in town and I've been so busy that I haven't been able to find my clown friend. I hope that he will show up in time for the Carnival Blog Soiree over at Lisa Kettell's Faerie Enchantment!

Have you seen him?

A Blogoversary Giveaway...

If you'd like to see beautiful artwork, especially w/ ATCs, but including much more, stop over at A Vintage Heart. Jann is having a Blogoversary of a little seasonal goodie, that's so sweet!

Jann also posts funny videos , and interesting tidbits from the past. 

I felt a kindred spirit in Jann, as I said in my previous award post, when I saw her picture. But, I see from her Blogoversary post that we have more in common, as her birthday is the day before mine next month. :)

It's funny, because since we moved to SouthWestern Md., almost all of my local friends have birthdays very close to mine. So we go and celebrate together, or just have fun, having more celebrations w/each individual birthday!

Have fun at A VIntage Heart! I know you will:)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Leo said...

                                                    "The strongest warriors  are these two

                                                               ........time, and patience".
                                                                                                   Leo Tolstoy

                                              ...and that's why I always pray.
        ...Some things for which I have prayed have taken many years. 
        But, then, oh, what gold there awaits in the palm of your hand:). la

Monday, March 9, 2009

Great Attitude and /or Gratitude !!!

An award for Attitude and /or Gratitude! Wow! I am honored, coming from Poetic Dreams, over at Lil Love Creations- a woman of considerable positive attitude, who has seen and experienced way too much in her lifetime, or for any one's lifetime for that matter. Amazing Grace.:)  

What a nice and humbling surprise:) Please visit Poetic Dreams for her touching artwork and words:) (Tell her I sent you, if you think of it).

Now it's my turn to give out this award. Here are the rules:

1)Put the logo on your blog or post ,(just right click and save to the desktop).

2)Nominate 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude.(If you don't have 10,                                                                                                                                                               it's OK).
3)Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.

4)Let them know they have received this award by commenting on their blog.

5)Share the love & link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.
I nominate, ( I know that life is crazy , and that we all have less and less time, and in the past I 've won a couple of awards, but as a new blogger didn't quite know how to link, etc, so I never got around to make any nominations:) ),

Vivian  at Viv Out On a Whim- I know she just got back from a trip and is crazy busy, but I am in awe of how positive, and how prolifically positive she is! If you haven't stopped by her blog, just visit to see her bubbly personality oozing out  all over her blog:). She makes adorable little cuties and extras!

Patti at Treasure Barn-A remarkable woman , who in her 'second' artistic life is into collage art in a very elegant fashion. Compassionate and genuine, she is always thinking of others, trying to help in any way possible. Her constant words of encouragement to so many are truly a blessing to more than she will probably ever realize:)

Jann at A Vintage Heart- From the moment I saw her face on her profile & blog, I knew that she would be the nicest person in all the land:)(Tehe). ...and she is. That , and we had so many similar interests in our profile pages. Jann does gorgeous ATC's and other collage art, and her very sweet and compassionate personality come out in her dear,dear artwork.:)
Nancy over at Nancy's Never Enough Time-Nancy is a new great  find for me on the blogs:) Her quotes and words of inspiration remind me of all the words, inspirations, and quotes I've written in my journals since I was little, but forget  to post. She's into journaling and mixed media art, and her journals are captivating!

So go visit these wonderful ladies with Great Attitude & Gratitude! And to you  award recipients- continue if you choose and are able, or just post the award if there's no time. Either way, you definitely have earned the awards!:)

jkbfC ,&5,. ...///    /.,bvjhihbj  ...      UH, ...      Oh, Kiska Kitty has just tried to post, but the words got all jumbled up- no, wait, that's right, after all I do speak cat, so I'll translate. He said, "Nice Awards ladies, but Lydia has got to come off the computer and be with me and do some bills, so ,bye, for now...Bruppp!"

Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Blog Carnival Event w/Lisa Kettell

So I've joined Lisa Kettell's Carnival Soiree.

 Just click here to go to Faerie Enchantment to get more info and pictures. It looks like a lot of fun! I'm really new to this, so I'll be going with the flow!:)

There will be Carnival tea, games, tokens, free circus images/ephemera, a giveaway and more. Lisa's new book, Altered Art Circus is so colorfully delicious!!! Check it out on Amazon, if you haven't already seen it. I've seen it and love it, and am awaiting  my copy. So much creative inspiration!

The Carnival Soiree is Sat., 14 March, 2009 from 'sunup to sundown'.

Hope to see you there!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Lookee What I Got!!! OWOH...I'm a Lucky Cat...

print of Cathy's collage

book, earrings, and bookmark from Elizabeth's giveaway

I'm so lucky, I won 2 OWOH giveaways !

From Elizabeth over at(just click to right to see her great blog) Thoughts from an Evil Overlord 
I won the book, 'Galway Bay', a novel about the Irish American Experience. My sister's husband is part Irish, and I know that my nieces  would love to read this book- but, not til after we've read it:) I also won these great , silver, Celtic earrings. They are so my style, as I have to wear either gold or silver(because of allergies) ,and light hoops don't give me any irritation. Plus, they just look great! And, there was a surprise inside- this really neat, hand painted bookmark by Fifi from !!! How pretty is that!

And from Cathy at(just click to right to see her wonderful blog) Cathy Parmelee's art + life
I won this fabulous print of her 'Awaken' collage. This is soooo just right for me and my art in my life right now!!!So nice!!!

Thank you ladies! Their blogs are great-Elizabeth reviews books and does fun artwork. Cathy does wonderful, inspirational  collage art.   How lucky am I  !!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Hello Christina B., thanks for visiting!!!:) tehe

Too cute to not post:) Little Puma (he gives kisses in 2 languages!! yes, really:)  )
So a doll friend from years ago called me up today and we were catching up for a couple of hours. She's been going through so much physically, going to many doctors, and guess what, they found a piece of watch in her that someone dropped inside her while having a c-section 18 years ago!!!

Her spirit , creativity, love, and warmth are INSPIRING! I am so excited because we are talking about a joint project, but it is hush-hush at this point. (Now we really have to do it, Christina! Hope you don't mind the info about you, but also figured this might make the news somewhere.)tehe