KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, November 30, 2009

Hubby Update

Seizures have stopped, chest is clear, no other blood clots, and he is responding to us especially. We think that he sees out of his right eye, we don't know by how much. He moves his legs a lot, including his right side, which is the area of contention. The kids gave him a good work out today...questions, massages, hand squeezes...#1 said," Dad, Mom is here, say hello". He moved his left foot. I was standing by the end of the bed, closest to his left foot. His sister came in at lunchtime and said, "Well,I already put in a half day's work," he smiled. He opened his eyes,saw his Mom , and he smiled. He smiled for the kids and squeezed their hands. Some of his responses are delayed as things get rerouted in his brain.It is difficult for him to open his eyes.It is difficult to do evrything. And he does not like getting his throat suctioned out. Would you???

Basically, they tired him out- blood pressure went up a little from the workout. But, he didn't respond to the respiratory therapist. I think that he was tired out from the kids.So , there was a good improvement from the am.. And in the am there was a good improvement from yesterday. Neurologist said things will take longer because of the whole brain radiation that he had after the brain surgery.

His oncologist said that after 1-2 days off the respirator(which he is barely on, as he is breathing on his own- it is just there for a little umph), and responding and awake to the medical staff, then they will talk therapy. That is when he will be moved to another facility.

We are much more hopeful, but know that there is far to go. This state for a long time would not please my husband. And he is so very weak. But, someone said that he was already a miracle with all that is stacked up against him w/stage 4 cancer, and the kidney problem. But , then- he is an athlete.

It is all overwhelming, especially when I think of our drastically changed financial situation, and all the paperwork and other work that must be done, on top of finding money for the bills, and a better f/t work. Then, of course, he will need care and help, if all goes well. We are praying hard 24/7. He has many people praying for him-even those who do not normally pray, or even talk in those terms.

Sorry that I cannot access pictures, as I am on my sister-in-law's laptop.We have a very nice one of him from Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you to all of you, for your warm and generous thoughts, prayers,emails and love. I hope that this update helps especially those in the family who are separated by the miles.

Love you all. xo Lydia

ps- We play Leo Kotke's music from my daughter's playlist on her laptop all day and night for him. He is Leo's absolutely , biggest fan, ever since he was a teenager . He could listen to him uninterruptedly.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


On my daughter's laptop at hospital. My darling hubby has had a lot happen to him. He fell yesterday getting up, lost balance, hit head. Went into seizure. Has had stroke ,seizures, touch of pneumonia, blood clot in lung, on top of cancer.

Prayers are truly Welcome. Thank you for your support.

God be with us.xo

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Home Show a Success!...

...and now onto .....I want to focus on our family, the house, working, listing items in Etsy to officially open up shop.....

Thanksgiving with Ken's family...hope he can eat something. He lost 6 lbs. over the weekend. Radiation to start again soon. What fun. More nausea. Poor guy. I love him so. Wish I could help him more.

Gotta go. More posting and pictures soon!

PS- I am so upset as someone has taken my huge wooden stand that my father had, and now I do. We had it in the family for 50 years.Just good and sturdy. I had 2 large color (with picture) signs made last year, and it is all gone!
Getting the word out. Hope to find it. Offering up cherry tart for reward. hahaha. I did.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hubby Update

Brain MRI was good. No metastases. He had to see a nephrologist, though. His kidneys are working at 20%. (He had bruised one in his youth- wonder if this means anything).He needs to drink more fluids and stop all ibuprofen/NSIADS (sp?) , etc.. .He has been throwing up , tired, and feeling so badly since he got a bug on top of his last chemo, which was a while ago. I pray, and I lift my arms upward. It is so very hard. Way too much.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


(Sorry I haven't been around much- here's part of the reason why). Do you like buttery tarts???
WELCOME!...come take a peek inside last year's Artisan Home Show...
We hope to bring you....................
Perhaps some unique cards or paintings...................some darling vintage ornaments.............
vintage topped pinkeeps..........

and browse amongst the stars............
Do you like PINK???

...a vintage ornament wreath...........Red Riding Hood and Wolf atop a from an 1800's book...........

perhaps you are interested in some fine jewelry?....maybe a spot of tea........The White Duck, a gift box ornament..........

This is the 3rd Annual Winter Wonderland Home Show with Bake Sale to benefit our church, St. Catherine's Orthodox Church. 100% of the bake sale proceeds go to St. Catherine's. Russian Tea Cakes, Cherry and Apple Tarts, Apricot Bars, Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Peanut Brittle, and more!!!... maybe even some Polka Dot Cupcakes.

A small group of Mixed Media Artists offering Collaged Journals, cards, tags, dolls, holiday decor, Sterling Silver soldered jewelry and ornaments, Re-Purposed Vintage Jewelry, a smattering of vintage and antique items, and more!

The Bake Sale is festooned upon pedestals in the kitchen, most wrapped in cellophane and pretty ribbons ready to gift or enjoy! ....... and maybe even some LIVE Harp Music!!!

Have some fun, enjoy the beauty of our countryside, minutes from where the first monument to Washington was built in our country, where you can overlook the beautiful scenery, and minutes from Nora Roberts' newly renovated, gorgeous Bed & Breakfast, her book store, and art gallery. Sat. 10-5 and Sun. 12-5. Credit cards accepted.

Hope that you will join us!!! Just email with questions or for directions...minutes from Antietam, in the heart of history that you can't help but feel,...many Holiday Open Houses/Open Artist Studios this weekend, 21-22 Nov, all in our area............and support local artists. Happy Holidays!!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kitty Pics

I just LOVE my kitties!!!!! Little Puma does not sit still for pictures too well. His shots are almost always blurry. He has fangs, is a little piggy who steals food, but has the cutest little nose, and kisses in 2 languages! He also bites his nails.:) haha

Kiska (pronounced Keeska, with the stress on the first syllable) is always so handsome, and is highly intelligent. He understands so many words, and much more.


Swap Pictures...and a Foxy Fox for Halloween!

A Foxy looking Fox, painted by my wonderful neighbor, Sandra. This is Larissa. She wore her fox tail from the MD. Renaissance Festival, and foxy looking ears. Doesn't she look Fabulous? She is totally transformed. I must say that it is Sandra's make-up work that was the icing on the cake!

Shadow box swap w/Valarie of Glittery Daze and Nights. But since I was late, she may not yet have received it. I wish I had better pictures. It says, "Oh, My! Which pumpkin should I choose for the Pumpkin Ball?" There is only one that is special. It is all glittery and has a black kitty on it. The black glitter does not show so well here, but I feel that it makes the shadow box pop!
This is the pin-keep swap w/Lori from Lady in Red. This is made from vintage corduroy and vintage, darling, crocheted, black buttons that polka dot the pin keep. She's an angel turned into a Halloween angel. Both the angel and the shadow box gal were made in Occupied Japan. I added the Halloween hats, then glazed them. (Just click to get a larger view.)

This has wool felt leaves and pins made from vintage buttons,etc, w/flower petal backgrounds.

So I am sooo late in posting these swap pictures. I joined Vivian's (Viv Out on a Whim) Halloween swaps- both of them! This, of course, was quite a while ago. Nevertheless, I didn't realize how much I would be working, which delayed my final swaps.

Hope they enjoy them! I just recently got my swap from Lori and it is sooo very fabulous!!!!, but I have yet to take pictures.

Getting ready for my Winter Wonderland Artisan Home Show w/Bake Sale to benefit my church, St. Catherine's. The baked goodies are so luscious, and this sale has been a success for 2 years, since it's inception. I also am getting ready for Laura Turner's show in Taneytown at Frizellburg Antiques. So much to do. I decided against the Kris Kringle show this year. I really did want to do it, and I know that customers will be looking for me there, but I wanted to have the Home Show at the same time as the open studio tour in our area. There will be so many holiday open houses the weekend before Thanksgiving.

Also, going for another p/t job to add to my roster of 4, count them, 4 p/t jobs that I am working. And,...I am submitting another application to the local community college for Coordinator of Campus Volunteers. Out of breath yet??? hahaha

I think that it is right up my alley. Hope I get a shoe in the door for an interview. These days, things are so impersonal via email. Don't know if it is one of those positions where they have their person, but have to post the job anyway. Wish me luck. When I took the tour groups around the world, I always said that if I couldn't do it, nobody could. That is the attitude that I held as I escorted , coordinated, organized a diverse spectrum of personalities around the world for continuing education credits.

Which swap do you like the best? ...Have a good nite.:)