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Monday, January 11, 2010

A Bird's Nest Scale, and a shot of Epogen....

OK- up, down, wah, wah, wah....He lost more weight. Even with a sitter at the other hospital he lost weight. For us he eats plenty and is interested in food, but for others, well, they don't keep at him like we do. Problem is, we cannot be there 24/7.

They weighed him in a scale that picked him up as if he were in a bird's nest, a quilted bird's nest. His hematocrit and hemoglobin were getting better slowly, but then the hematocrit went down again a little, and so they finally ordered him the Epogen, which helps to build the red blood cells. It takes a while, and is given once a week.

He wants to do better, to eat and drink more, and they assist him, but he says that it isn't enough. He talks in 'maybes', and 'I don't knows' a lot. He's not quite sure about things because he can't always find the exact words that he wants to use to describe what he is thinking, and so it comes out with these fuzzy 'maybe' and 'don't know' words.

Good things. I finally spoke to a Dr. who is not a weekend resident(as his doctor is out for the week), and things are getting done. And the nursing coordinator is great, and is very conscientious. She ALWAYS gets things done. Halleluyah!

I pray that he gets strong- enough to come home. His cognizance is way better every day. He saw The Mummy was to be playing on one channel. We usually keep things like Disney, cartoons, or simple , light movies, if he wants to watch TV. So when he mentioned that he noticed it was coming on, we turned it on for him. That, is progression. We are fine with the baby steps. He told me that he is not ready to 'leave us'. He was quite adamant about this. I said 'great'! Now if we can just fatten him up a good 20+ lbs. , he'll be strong enough to have more therapy, that can bring him home to us.

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vivian said...

bring him his favorite pies! or cakes.. or breads and butter! If I werent trying to lose weight that is surely what I'd be eating!
still praying he gets to come home soon!