KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Some things that one might find inside my garage.
Beautiful, simple flowers ....brought inside to adorn our kitchen.

I love flowers! Show me more!
What!!! You what???!!!
I don't believe it. I'm hiding out.
You what? Kept him in a bassinet? And he had my name?
I am not believing what I am hearing!
I can't believe you would do that!
All right, put 'em up. Put up your dukes!Eh, I'm a headless grape stem, running from the kitty putter in the bassinet kid!.....

.....What was in my garage? This old key chain purse from my step-grandmother.So I took these keys out of it to make into jewelry.

This is what the case looks like now. It was falling apart, don't worry. I cut the top off and will do something to the bottom as well.EHHH!!!!! She dressed up her kitty in doll clothing!!!!!Help! Help!!!

Spring has sprung so you must Plant Your Seeds.
Some yummy smelling sachets. I went to Roostervane for my herbs, dried them, and filled up these vintage pics that I transferred onto old linen. Is it just me, or does her little hand look odd on her Mama's chest? haha
A little book with great paper. Gentleman kitty entices you in to draw upon the pages, or to place your poetic words upon the tiny pages.One of the outside covers of these tiny books. A good reminder.

The back of one, the cover on another.
Kitties and more kitties, and some Russian book pages to top it all off, like a flower pot with flowers...
So our days at home with Ken can get rather hectic. He is doing better. We revel in the baby steps. He's got an indoor garden that his bud , Jeff gave to him, and he is enjoying it. It's got heating pads, and a lid/terrarium style. Remember the terrariums we used to make , Barb?

Clearing out the garage, maybe a garage sale in the near future. Either way the garage is a mess.I want to work on everything , as I uncover it! ~...Victorian cat bed for the kitties, cool, old hamper for my studio, a new/old rattan basket shelf for my bedroom, old mirrors to paint and sell, great , old frames I got from an auction I'd love to gesso up and collage or/and paint, a fab. pink Victorian changing table with horse hair still in the mattress.....What do you have in your garage???

Taxes for us, Alex finished hers and is getting a refund, and L's needs to be done. She is working on her portfolio to transfer to a very good local college. She wants to major in photography. Her great uncle was quite an accomplished one, and still commands an audience in the photography world. Hope she makes the program.Nothing like a deadline to make everyone get into high gear!

I've got a show coming up, and shops to bring artwork to, and more papers to fill out. Will it never end???

Hope that this post finds you stirring around in the world, trying to make the best of what life has to offer. Our time here is so very short. Surprises can throw us way off, but we just' gotta put on our big girl panties.

My brother, who lives abroad, came for Easter, then came again after visiting my other 2 siblings. He brought his son who is only a little older than mine. They had such a nice time together. Cousins are great. I knew and loved mine growing up. People were always jealous of me that I knew my cousins and we loved one another so very much. Still do! Love you couz's!!!!hahaha...Miss you too!

Here's something different.
I will list 5 obscure things about me from my past:

1) I was a reading fiend in elementary school, and would read about 200-300 books a year. On Fridays, library day, I would bring a grocery bag to school. After school, I would go to the library and check out about another 15-17 books. I came in second in the year long reading contest. The one who read a couple of books more than me was the superintendent's daughter, Sue Ellen A.. Anyway, while walking home late, I worried that people would see me and think that I had to stay after school because I was in trouble, and that they didn't know that I was going home late because I was at the library picking out books! What things a youngster frets about! My Mom would call me down to dinner and I would say,"OK,Mom, just another minute!" Of course, she had to constantly call me because I would take forever, devouring every book, not wanting to stop reading.

2) I would er, find some 'extra money, er, around my Mom's purse, um, and go to the deli to buy ham to feed stray cats. Did I say that??? You won't find me near anyone's anything! Honesty is definitely strongly in me now, bigtime. I was little folks.

3) I used to dress my cat, Kiska, in a baby bassinet covered with a blanket. I would give a little 'tap' if he tried to get out. I dressed him in my doll clothing!!! That's probably why I am so very nice to kitties and all animals now. Retribution. I was probably a toddler when I did this. Cats and dogs just seem to gravitate to me now. I give them space and, hey, maybe I should try that with my their face---hahaha just joking. I am better about giving them their space as they mature. But being a Mom, you never stop caring and worrying.

4) Coming home from elementary school one day, the first house across the street from the school had a little yappy dog.I meowed to him, and he came tearing out at me , barking his head off as if he was going to bite me. I had to think quickly, so I started to bark, "ruff, ruff", I said. Hahaha, they were such lousy little ruffs, no puppy dog sound. But, hey, quess what? It worked. He went scampering off. Oh, Lucky me:)

5) One time when my parents were out, as a teenager, I, with my sister and a couple of friends, got inside the dining room buffet table to some 4-5 year old Russian cigarettes to try smoking. Well, Russian cigarettes in Soviet times would kill you! No filters on those babies- good and old, stale, and horribly atrocious!!!! Talk about cough city, and almost barf city!!! What great memories,hahaha.

What have you been up to? What little secrets are you harboring inside that little head of yours.hahahaha


Mica said...

Hey there Lydia...thank you for the birthday wishes and Happy Birthday to you too!!! We share the same birthday week!!! Wishing you happiness....Lot's of sweet stuff here and oping your upcoming show will go well...My recent garage sale went well...I made a little over 400 bucks on old stuff... so it is surely a great way to make some extra bucks! Hugs to you, Mica

Jann said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Lydia! I hope your day has been a wonderful one for you! I enjoyed reading this most recent post of yours! Thinking of you, my friend! Hugs, Jann