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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Be not afraid...

Be Not afraid of going slowly. Be afraid of staying still.

Japanese Proverb

This is a piece I needle sculpted in the nineties, entitled, 'Man in the Moon'...what else? He's made from an old quilt, and that's Mongolian Tibetan Goat Hair, my doll hair of choice. He is large, and resides in my son's room now.

I was into needle sculpting in cloth , and studied under some very nice doll artists back then; my favorite being Akira Blount, a super talented , warm and friendly doll artist.

So today, and lately I feel as if I am going so very slowly. I can certainly agree with the proverb.

Two weeks ago I did a local show and competed the whole time with the wind, holding my tent down as I was writing receipts- at points just standing up and holding on for dear life. I thought that we (daughter's work also) did bare bones, but was surprised to see that we made quite a bit more than I thought after counting, (I finally counted up a few days ago),which made me feel much better about the whole stressful day. I was only able to put out 1/4 of our work, so making more than expected was great. Couldn't put much out because of everything blowing in the wind.

Today was a community yard sale and sales were very lousy. That is because I was not running the event. I started it in our new neighborhood, and would put out 40-60 signs, flyers, ads etc. We live in the country, and that's the only way to advertize properly. The newspaper ads never seemed to be enough. So whoever organized this one, with their 3 or 4 signs, and 2 ads, and going 6am-2pm (???), didn't do much else in terms of signage. And I can't blaim them, because it was so time consuming to do what I did. But, I would always reap the benefits, and people were out looking for me today, but we did not put much out. My daughter hung out mostly with the young neighbor next door. We leisurely got out there about 8:30.

When I do a yard sale I go all out w/signs... I got tired of doing all the work and no one contributing anything, so I just do them for myself now. However, it was nice to see more homes out there today....although it was the common kids' toys and clothing and not much else. One home had a great , old Corona typewriter w/case, but it was not cheap enough for me.

Oh, yeah, the sale goes tomorrow also. Who is waking up before 6 am on a Sunday, especially in an area with a gazillion churches?

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