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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anyone going to the Country Living Fair?

Anyone going? Give a holler. Not sure yet if going.


Ronnie said...

Hi Lydia! You asked about my kitchen light fixture...It came from a Progressive Lighting store near Atlanta. They were closing a location and had a huge sale. I got it waaaay cheap. It's a Savoy fixture, not sure what line. Here's their web site...
And yes, the Country Living Show is coming to Atlanta in October and I'm hoping to go!

Lydia said...

Thank you Ronnie. I called the place and it looks to be discontinued. But maybe someone has it!

Atlanta, huh? I was wanting to visit my cousins in Ohio, but it just didn't work out for this weekend. But, Atlanta is also a possibility.I have a friend down there who I haven't seen in years.Hummmm. Have to mapquest for distance. Maybe I'll see you there?:)

Thank you!

The Stylish House said...

You have a true artist’s soul. Your work is so creative fun and whimsical I love it! I want to get to the Country Living Fair, maybe next year. I’m not far just a state away. I enjoyed reading your comments regarding your transplant experience. Success stories are the one’s I like to hear. I’m so very, very grateful to Robert the donor and his wife Kayren, who showed him Heather’s post. I have not met them yet, but Kayren and I have written and spoke on the phone. She is a kind and lovely person of course!
Thank you again for stopping by. I’ve enjoyed poking around and getting to know you a little. It’s been fun.
Hugs, Cathy

Farmchick said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment too. :)

Oh how I wish I could have gone to the Country Living Fair...but no--it was wayyyyyyyy toooo far away! ;)

So, looking though your blog I see alot of Russian things. Are you Russian? I am Ukrainian...all of my great grandparents came from Ukrainine and I grew up on a farm in a Ukrainian community. I do know many Russian words as the way my parent and grandparents spoke it was a mixture of Ukrainiain and Russian words. :)

~Tania aka Farmchick

Farmchick said...

dobri den~

Thanks for the you have a very interesting life! :) I have not taught any classes...but I do have a few recipes on my blog. Just go to the top left side of my blog and type in Ukrainian in the search my blog box! Let me know if you can't find them...I will send you the link instead!

Oh--I'm in North Dakota :)