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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, December 6, 2010

What's been going on, what's around my house,memories and then some...and a little recent artwork.....

Circa 1987.
Circa 1980.
A Kick Ass definition by my kick-ass fabulous niece and hubby (ex-Marine & all around wonder guy) given to my hubby before his brain surgery 4 years ago. Preparation for the surgery included Power Words air brushed that are still around the house. This is part of the Kick Ass sign.
China head doll pin keep.
Kiska kitty and very old hand painted, water color, large, wooden, Ukrainian/Russian egg from where my grandmother's family is from-Galitsia. It is now mostly Austria & Hungary.
My anniversary card this year from hubby before he passed away. Written with help from my daughter. He signed the bottom-barely legible with his 'stroke' mind & body.

It says,
" Dear Lydia, I would like to write to you a letter telling you how much I love you. I love you because you write well, and some of the lilacs you gave to me smell good. I love you. Sincerely with love, KenBuvShluv" "It says" pointing to what he signed- dictated to Lara . So he signed his name with his initials, and told her what to write.( My husband wrote extremely well himself. He wrote articles for tennis magazines as a side line).

I had gotten a small handful of lilacs from our garden & put them in a tiny glass on his stand by his bed while he was in Hospice. It's funny how he said, "some of the lilacs", because there were only a few that would fit into that tiny glass. They were my anniversary gift to him. He loved his gardening. It is my most special card and now resides on the fireplace mantle.

BtC- before the cancer.

Three little old chalk ware dolls who rest in front of an oil painting, as if they had just walked out of it. Notice the little Cossack guy.
A great card that I had gotten and given to hubby that is eternally up on my wire card rack hanging on my laundry room door.

It's there because it reminds me to find humor in my otherwise not always humorous days: Failure to diagnose cancer for my hubby by a doctor who said, "you have pain in your arm and chest and you smoke, I can't find anything, you're ok because you're an athlete"-so that when he finally is diagnosed he has stage IV lung cancer. 4 years of cancer treatments, brain surgery, massive stroke, blood clot in the lung, multiple bad seizures, 3 hospitals, hematuria for 70 days, massive weight loss, major debilitation, lack of cognizance most of the time (and he was a very sharp man), Hospice, not always recognizing us, running tennis tournaments in our family room, and not knowing that I had Lyme and Mono when he was first diagnosed and had brain surgery, 4 years ago. I do need to remind myself to find the humor.

A watercolor painting by my wonderful friend Patty, who painted this of/for our family. She said she was sending me some flowers. We are each flowers. Isn't it wonderful?
A cute find ...keep, make pin cushion in and sell...not sure what to do with it just yet...
A corner old shelf holding mugs. The top 2 were my Mom's. I always loved them growing up. The bottom one I found antiquing somewhere about 10 years ago.
A tiny kitty pin keep.
An old oil painting which now hangs in our powder room. Found at my Mom's, when she passed away. Someone gave it to her.OK- I am trying to come alive again. You see, the day after Thanksgiving 2009 while visiting Ken's family, my husband got up and had a massive stroke, blood clot in the lung, and multiple bad seizures, all on top of stage IV lung cancer. It was very tough, and continues to be. I am trying not to book too much, as I have to try and relax and enjoy life. It is so difficult to do without the one you love. And life doesn't exactly get easier.

We went to my brother's house and had a Norman Rockwell looking and tasting turkey. Then we had a blast for a few hours playing Scrabble with my niece and her hubby. It felt so good to laugh hysterically for such a long time. And their delicious little daughter, my grand niece, melts you when she just says, "Yess". We are looking forward to going to their house for Christmas. It will break up what we usually do. We need that.

God Bless, and I pray you all enjoy your holidays.

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Patti said...

What a beautiful post.
Bless your heart. IT must be so hard to look at those precious photos of your husband. He was a very good looking man as you are a beautiful women.

Love that egg.
You are an amazing women Lydia.
Hugs and Bless your sweet heart