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Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year, a New Intensive Job, & Goodbye Mr." T"

So 25 May saw the one year anniversary of hubby's passing, and the 24th saw a new intensive adjunct position teaching 1 year's worth of Russian in 18 days at the university level. Not exactly the easiest thing. To complicate matters the book was not chosen by me and it is not exactly conducive to teaching the language intensively. The complementing audio program is confusing and compounds my work and the students' work.

I do enjoy teaching the class which is 10min! from my home. It is 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. The students are great, and I give them on-line youtube videos and music to watch and listen to to break up the intensity of the daily program.

I pray that the students and I do wonderful jobs, and that this leads to further work. They did not have the language and petitioned for the classes! Without my honey to cheer me on it can be a bit daunting, but if what we went through has taught me one thing, it is to plow through even a difficult situation. I hope and pray that it pays off in the end in more ways than one.

There are times that I want to cry, missing him so, and I do let the tears come. Working so many jobs is not exactly the easiest thing, but I do what I have to do. What more can anyone ask?

My very close friend's father just passed away. He was 92! We have been friends since I was 3 1/2 years old, when I moved into my new house on Long Island. I was sitting on the right side of the car when my father was about to turn right onto our new block in June, so many years ago.

There sat Jean on her big, antique, red tricycle looking at us not far from the car that was stopped at the stop sign. She said very assuredly, "I know her". Jean is 1 year older than I , and 1 year younger than my sister. If she was my best friend, we would run away from my sister, and if she was my sister's best friend, they would run away from me. Jean is very special to our family, and even my in laws loved and love her.

Her dad loved baseball and so Jean was a good little ball player, and would always be one of the team captains on our block. Growing up I practically lived at her house and so I will miss Mr. "T". I always called her Mom, Mom "T", once we were teenagers, and her dad Mr. "T". In his youth he was a striking man in a sailor suit, always kind to me, and he called me Lidja.

I hope that you are all doing well, my dear blogging friends.

Memory Eternal, my honey!
Memory Eternal, Mr. "T" !



vivian said...

Hi Lydia! congrats on the job. Too bad they didnt let you pick the books, but I know you can do it and will do very well. your students will love you.
I thought it was about a year. though it seems longer to me.. I know its been a tough year for you. but like you said, you do what you have to do. I hope youre finding happy moments in your life and finding yourself with a smile on your face everyday at some point.
sorry to hear about mr. T. But isnt it wonderful to have life long friends! I'm still friends with a couple of the kids I grew up with.
have a sweet day.

Laurie said...

Well, like you said - that job is a challenge and you know how to handle a challenge. I do hope it leads to more work for you. I know how much you miss your husband. Hugs.

pchickki said...

So glad to hear from you Lydia. I have missed you 1
Sorry you are missing your honey. I hope your job turns out to be everything you want however, teaching Russian in 18 days! Ugh, that is stressful!

Sorry to hear about your friends passing. May he rest in peace. 92 is a long life and I am sure it was filled with lots of love. God Bless him and God Bless you.
Keep us posted on your job situation. I am sure the students just love you !