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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Check Out Ana at Cypress Cove Creations

This is my amazing sister-in-law Ana. She is amazing in many ways, but suffice it to say right now that she is so very special and AMAZING!!! She is a non-stop doer, tends a shop, Cypress Cove,Etc., in Ellicott City, MD with 2 friends, tends a beautiful house, solders charms and stained glass gorgeously, does custom work out the wazoo-can I say that and still remain polite and charming??? She is married to my oldest brother, and has 2 beautiful offspring in their 20's, and is grandmother to the gorgeous and smart little Baby 'N'.

If you stop by unexpectedly, she will always offer you something and never make you feel unwelcome. She has the soul of an angel, and my children LOVE their Aunt Ana. Did I tell you how much they love her?...haha.. that's because she makes them feel so special and welcome, and spoils them with chocolates and truffles, yes, truffles, for all the little holidays:).

She works so very hard, and is always weeding, transplanting plants, peeling wallpaper, painting, soldering, making up stained glass designs, doing custom work for people, helping watch her little grand cutie, always gives an ear and comforting words and advice to her children and loved ones and friends. She does this and more, and battles a chronic illness now for over 20 years, and she is just amazing! She is a soldier- indefatigable , and loving, and inspiring. And she does all this with the gentleness of spirit that is truly uplifting.

A stained glass frame. (Sorry, I pulled these pics. from her site, and they won't enlarge here).
Stained glass design in an old window. She does custom orders, and also has repaired a few old pieces in her day.
A beautiful old cabinet. She takes these pieces and takes out the glass, putting in stained glass, or beveled pieces.
Ana does jewelry. She solders beautiful art charms and makes other jewelry as well. Just as her house is elegant, her work is also. She uses lead free solder, and silver in her jewelry makings. Alas, I tried to scan in a picture of some fab. charms of hers that I own, but my printer/scanner is not connecting at the moment, so I will post later.

Amber is in the shop as well. She also does jewelry, and makes these adorable puppy sweaters. Ana and Amber hold jewelry making classes for very reasonable prices at the little Cypress Cove, Etc. shop.

Julie of Julie's Antiques and Collectibles, also of PJ's with her very funny husband Paul, has such great prices on their furniture and other items, that once you know where they are, you will always check them out first! Here's a two piece set that is well priced. PJ's also has dirt 'cheap' prices. Dealers go to them.

Hubby and I shopped PJ's years ago at the Columbia Flea Market which is alas, no more. It was a great flea market hosting dealers from several states. Then PJ's came into Oella Mill, where I had a shop for 4 years, in Ellicott City, MD. Now Julie and Ana share this cute little space together with Amber.

OK- So Ana just started up her blog, Cypress Cove Creations. She's really new at this , so please stop by and check out her new blog and say Hello. Her web space is called Cypress Cove, and her shop is Cypress Cove, Etc.. If you are in the Ellicott City, MD area, shoot her an email, or call for directions to check out the shop, and stop in at PJ's as well.

Did I tell you that Ana is all self-taught? She did ceramics in her 20's, and in the late 90's got into reupholstery, on top of the stained glass. The stained glass was a natural base for her soldered glass art charms and other jewelry. And remember that she can do anything you want, and her prices are very reasonable for such beautiful work!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lydia,
Thank you for stopping and advise on children's art. I thought you meant the Halloween story/art.!
I will put it up tonight.. as a Print for sale.
She would love that! Thank you for the grandiose idea!
So happy you are here with me.. thank you for sharing.. you are in ohio? I am in Wi.. "hi neighbor!"
hugs, Darlene

nollyposh said...

She sound ~Lovely~ just like you! X:-)

Jann said...

Wow, what a beautiful post on your sister-in-law--she's amazingly talented, as are you! Good luck with your class today--I wish I could learn Russian, but it looks so hard--love the alphabet, though.