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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Halloween Delivery...

So it occurred to me that I hardly ever post items that I make and deliver to shows. Reason being, I'm usually in a big hurry, and back-logged with work. But, I am trying hard to remember to take pictures. I'll get better as I go along.

Princess Pumpkin off to the masquerade party for Halloween. (Click to enlarge any photo for better details).

Antique China head, gessoed and painted cloth body, chenille neckline, crepe paper skirt, flocked posy with black pom-pom, special golden crown and mask (the mask is on a mini pumpkin stem).
Blend the seasons polka dot girl accompanying Princess Pumpkin.

Cute, tiny, costumed, antique, China head dolls, (from Thuringia), going to the masquerade party in silver plated, vintage dishes.

Mrs. Kitty Block. Print of cat from antique postcard on thin cardboard, then lined in the back with pretty paper, sealed up and edged in gold paint...all in her own vintage block....oh, yeah, with a hint of glitter.
Mr. Kitty who is accompanying Mrs, Kitty to the masquerade party. Everyone is ready for Halloween.
Reprints of original, watercolor, Halloween pictures glazed/sealed up the same way as Mrs. & Mr. Kitty, all off to the party. There's howling cat.....
...and clown kitty.....
...not a great picture because of the flash shadowing on the bottom, but the top of the picture is quite clear and more accurate in coloring.
Glittered swan wearing a crown for Halloween, with vintage bauble dangling from the glittered crown, surrounded by vintage gold frame, holding orange (for Halloween) butterflies.....
She looks so pretty 'framed up'...(sorry that these swan pictures did not come out great, but she is definitely quite the adorable crowning Miss...

Cute, tiny, Halloween bags, w/mostly collaged pictures, and polka dots on their scalloped edges, all in a vintage Lustreware dish. Fun little things to make while having only a little bit of time to spare.
Magnets made from mostly collaged pictures from original artwork or paper ephemera, etc...then printed to be able to magnetize more easily, and sealed with Avery laminating sheets---the only brand I use. I used to make a pretty penny in the 90's with unique hand made/cut magnets. At the time, no one else had anything like them. Tiny -mostly ACEO sized- art prints from my original watercolors. They are much brighter and cuter in person. The clown kitty in the front has those little bobbly eyes attached- because they just fit so perfectly.

Prints of original watercolors sewed onto fabric, then grommeted to become a book mark or hanging little ornament. Some have crepe paper fringes sewn on .
Clown kitty. These that are sewn onto fabric are more antiqued in appearance. They are sealed up to keep them all nice and sturdy.
Tiny dolls before costuming. What to do with tiny, cloth, doll bodies sewn for me years ago when I utilized some sewers to help out with the bases for my wee needle-sculpted dolls in cloth?... (and these were not sewn so well, but gesso and paint do wonders, and even some sturdy tissue paper at times...). That's a Paperclay, doll head dipped in wax in the left front, awaiting further 'creationing'.hahaha ...blogging is fun, you can make up words and no one will mark you off for it.hahaha......Oops! This little guy didn't make it to the Halloween party as he didn't get dressed and painted up in time, oh, my.....he was trying to figure out his costume, or if he was going to go at all.

Here is a darling little glazed pin made from my original watercolors. He's got googly-bobbly cute.....They look much nicer in person, and are a hot seller, as I price them so exceedingly well.
One of my glazed ornaments- also popular for two years now. This one is of an antique cat picture collaged with butterfly wings, etc... Aren't the pumpkin stems cute?
Hey, how'd he get in here???hahaha... This is my little Puma. He's not fat, he just looks plump in this picture. Probably stuck...haha. So Larissa's friend Krissy, who does not like kitties, came to the kitchen and started laughing uncontrollably. When I asked her what she was laughing at, she just said, 'your cat'. I looked , and Mr. Pumata was just sitting there upright. He stayed like that for about 10 minutes!!!!! It was just soooo adorable! Don't you think?
Just delivered some small things to Laura Turner's Frizellburg Antiques for her Halloween Event. If anyone is interested in anything here, just shoot me an email and I'll inform you if it is still available.


Patti said...

What a delightful post Lydia.
Very cute!
God Bless You

Laurie said...

Oh, I'm so glad you did this! It's wonderful to see what you're creating!!

Jann said...

These are all wonderful, Lydia--the dolls, especially! Fantastic!