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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Alex!

Alex (I don't know where taken)
best friend Kerry, and Alex

very nice boyfriend Mark, and Alex

a cropped picture of Alex, her brother, and sister
My 1st baby is 22 today! She is funny, kind, generous, thrifty (when necessary), resourceful, creative, artistic, a great organizer, a fantastic friend, assertive, highly intelligent, a good writer, and all around wonderful human being, who is always DOING. 

Here's a story that I love to tell. Alex was nearly 2 when we moved from NY to Maryland. We went to the Ellicott City Fair, (we then lived in Baltimore County, in a nearby old town).Ellicott City is a great old town with quaint, old, stone shops and buildings, and narrow streets, in an Andalusian style, filled with antique stores,  unusual art, and yummy restaurants. There was a Maypole Event. Children of all ages held a ribbon and went around the Maypole as music played. Alex was by far the youngest one there(2 or nearly 2). The music started, and the kids circled the Maypole. Suddenly, she tripped and fell-remember that all the other kids were older, and walked a lot quicker than a two year old. The crowd went "Oh!" in unison. Someone running the event  ran up to her to help her up (although she had already gotten up on her own), and to help her find her parents, to which she shook her head 'No!' and continued to finish the Maypole walk. The audience in unison this time went, "Aw!" At that moment, my heart swelled up so big, and I knew that my daughter would do wonderful things with her life. My eyes filled up with tears as  I felt her fiercely independent soul (well now, I guess that she's just 'a little' like her Mom-te!he! ).

Alex has continued to impress teachers, parents, bosses, and 'a few friends'. 'Take your work to the busy person', was probably written about her:) When her good friend, Mike, died of cancer at the tender age of 19, she gathered tons of photos, sayings,etc. from everyone to fill 2 huge corkboards, and then some, for the funeral parlor.And a year later on the anniversary of his passing, she was also the one to gather friends  to make a book in his honor with everyone writing about the good things that they remembered about him, and to present the book on a visit to his family

 She was the apple of her grandmother's eye, and the moment she was born, she stole my heart- forever. xo Love you sweetie.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely blog ma dukes, i'm commenting so you look cool.


Lydia said...

How kind, oh gracious and benevolent princess.xo ma dukes-a-la

Jann said...

I loved reading this post, Lydia! Happy, Happy Birthday to your daughter!