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Friday, May 22, 2009

Jumping from a 45 foot Waterfall, and what I did yesterday...

Alex and Kerry-out to dinner.
Kerry and Alex and Luau.
Kerry, Alex, and Aunt Cynthia at waterfall.
Waterfall jumping.
The big splash.
So Alex, my oldest, gave herself a graduation gift to vacation in Hawaii for 10 days with her best friend, Kerry. She stayed with her 2 aunts, who live there, going back and forth between houses.

She had a great time touring around, sunbathing, shopping, and snorkeling, and, oh, yeah, she decided to jump off a waterfall. A 45 foot waterfall! Why? ...because everyone else was doing it of course!

While she's in the jump, however, a guy jumps out lower than her and so she torqued her body every which way to avoid hitting him. Natural reaction. Well, they were good and achy after the jump. But then she started to complain about pain in her chest.

She returned to the mainland on Sunday, and called Mom up yesterday, whimpering in pain, still, in the sternum, poor baby. After some cajoling, I finally convinced her to go to Urgent Care. X-ray showed torn cartilage, with 4-6 week recuperation. Lucky girl. I'm glad it was something simple, and not worse. No breaks, and internals all seem to be in order, thank goodness. Now she just has to carry 20 pounds less in her purse. She can't lift or push much.

Oh, yeah, she's never jumping a waterfall again. 


oksana said...

poor girl.I wish her get better as soon as possible:)

Lydia said...

Thank you Oksana:)

vivian said...

oh my goodness! thats crazy! glad shes ok. I bet that hurts though. have agreat weekend!

Laurie said...

Poor thing! I hope it's a quicker recovery than that, and that it didn't spoil her whole trip!

Patti said...

Ouch! Hope she will be up and around to enjoy the rest of her vacation.