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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dirty Stay-out

So this little guy-and he is little,all 8 lbs. of him full grown- went outside with Kiska(very tall tabby), when my daughter and her friend went out for the night and didn't close the door shut. We found the door open about a half hour later. Kiska, when seeing us, ran into the house,as he never likes us to get mad at him/or offend us.

But this little guy, Puma, made it out to the woods in the back which houses all kinds of mountain critters, not to mention ticks and fleas, etc.. And of course, their Frontline was good til the 30th of April, as luck would have it. They were due for it.( Now, these are house kitties, but the oldest, Mr. Kippurrs, is so fast and always sneaks out to chomp on the grass in the front or side, so they get the Frontline.) Well, Puma went galavanting into the night.

Needless to say, we were pretty ticked about the door being left open. When I went towards Puma out back in the dark, he meowed as if he were hurt.Faker. He was telling me 'Nanny, nanny, booboo' or translation-I want to stay out and play, because I've never done this before, and I was an abandoned,wild, rescued kitty originally, and am excited by the outdoors.

We knew he'd be back when he got hungry. He's always hungry and steals the others' food constantly. So naughty. We knew the food would bring him in if he were still alive, or unhurt. When we shook the food, he was tempted, and his eyes kept shining in the dark, but he was feeling his oats.

So when he came in, he got his Frontline, and went to sleep in a bathroom for the night with his nighttime snack. When I checked him, he actually looked good, so I'm hoping that last month's protection carried over to repel the nasties out there. We do live in the country, and bugs are all over. And, of course, I got 3 tick bites right outside my front door.

Dirty stayout. Glad he's ok. Just hope the house and we will be also. Also hope he won't now make a habit of being a dirty little stay-out.

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Laurie said...

*Giggle* feeling his oats...

When my first cat, and only male, decided to stay out all night once I drove around the neighborhood calling for him. I was so naive!