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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Getting Ready for Boonsboro Greenfest

Sheriff Bunny-made quite a few years back  & will be going to Greenfest.

 Needlesculpted in cloth, vintage silk whiskers, vintage fabrics/clothing, vintage sheriff badge I found at my Mom's after she died, cute metal jail key,leather holster with moveable gun,leather horse. Jointed limbs, and embroidered eyes. He's quite cute, and apropos for being near Antietam. Terrible picture.
Mostly vintage charm bracelets. Mostly Alex made, some me. There are a lot, and they hang on a pink feather tree for display.
Mess in dining room while getting kits, and other things, ready.
Some things in the garage that may make it to the show. Have to paint up the table. Vintage black, flower shelf might look too cute in my bathroom. We'll see.Carousel in garage, that I would like to work on and bring. It's taken apart in this picture, but it's really cool. Not sure if I'll have time to make it over. At least the way I'd like to do it.
And Alex just landed in Hawaii a short while ago. I'm jealous. If her best friend Kerry didn't go with her I was going to go.

 As an adult I've only had one vacation-to New Hampshire. I broke my foot while on my way up there in 2004. Had to disband my shop when I came back as I had no way of covering it, and didn't know if I needed surgery at the time. Too difficult with the crutches and the swelling. And I wanted to heal. 

I know, I traveled the world in my twenties, and saw so much more than most people could ever see in 10 lifetimes, but I was always working, and could barely get away from others to do my own thing, so to speak.

Ken and I have never vacationed. Our New Hampshire trip was a family one. Still had a good time, because NH is so beautiful. Yeah, we took family trips, jam packed with family events, and not much time to ourselves. Always a  lot of work , and always so little time. Just getting a little wistful.

And it's been raining all week long, and the weather channel predicts scattered thunder showers on Saturday for the show. What fun.



vivian said...

HI lydia! I would love to go to hawaii, but I know that the plane trip would be way to long for me.. I dont like flying. I also would love to go to australia. but this also is not likely to happen.
I hope the weather holds out for you and that you have a sunny and pleasant day!

Jann said...

Hi--I hope your weather clears up--we had rain for 3 days last week and I was going stir-crazy--amazing for me, as I lived in Eugene, Oregon for 20+ years and it rained ALL THE TIME, there! I thought my kids would be born with webbed feet! The weather here is much sunnier most of the time. Have a great weekend, Lydia! Love, Jann

Jenny said...

How was the show? Do you have any pictures? :)