KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cooking up some art......

OK- so I've been clearing out areas, because I've pulled too much out. It's constricting me. So last night I spent an hour and a half going through a couple of cases of paperwork to pull for artwork. I use my instincts mostly. Organizing...

Then I worked on placement of a collage...

... also this am and early pm.... dragging... everything feels like it's just dragging. I always have a gazillion ideas- I love to do so much. But, everyone looked and liked but said, 'ehh' to this or 'I don't know' to that. What I need is a base to put the collage onto. Does that make sense?

So I reorganized, cleaned out stuff in my dining room, because I had pulled out too much. I'm working in the kitchen right now.  The dining room is adjoining. It gives me a sense of order to work in one room, but keep the extraneous items in another, when I work in our living space.

 I paint in the kitchen on the island, because it's all washable and nothing becomes damaged. I have a great big basement waiting to be made into my studio, and at the very least,it awaits more electricity for more light. So, I go up and down the stairs, as the basement holds the bulk of my art supplies. Oh, yes, I have my paint in a bottom kitchen side cabinet, and artist papers in a dresser in our dining room, and ribbons and such in another cabinet in the living room...

 I sew and sketch in my bedroom at night. Paint on the kitchen island, collage on the kitchen or dining room table, and machine sew on the dining room table. The sewing machine is there right now. So I reorganized my prepping materials that will get paint/and/or glue, etc into 2 sturdy fabric bags. With every item I think, 'oh, I want to work on that now, or- wow, I forgot all about that. But, overall, the prep day was very productive. Then I washed a lot of yard sale/thrifting finds. I'm a big washer. Only clean makes it into my artwork.

So, Alex left me a few of her finds to wash. How did I get those jobs???

So why the mushrooms? I love mushrooms, and sometimes, you just have to stir the pan, to let those yummy fresh sliced garlic pieces do their thing. Huh??? Well, if you add the garlic in the beginning of the recipe, the flavor is more delicate. And likewise, when you add it to the end of the cooking, it's a much stronger flavor.

So, I'm adding the 'garlic' early for a bunch of pieces-so they will be more delicate?????hahahaha.... something like that!

Did you know that mushrooms are super healthy for you as long as they are cooked in any form? Good mushrooms that is....obv...Uncooked mushrooms do nothing for you. And garlic and olive oil is a healthy combination. But, they cannot remain  in the frig, for longer than about 2 weeks, I believe, without some preservative like good old vit. c (ie- citric acid).

Just clearing away the old to make room for the new- that's how I COOK UP some Art!!! How do you do it?


vivian said...

love mushrooms! Now show us the art you were working on!
have a lovely day!

Mary said...

Hmmm, I had no idea mushrooms were only healthy after cooking. I love mushrooms, and my daughter Megan Lydia especially does.

Love the name Lydia!!!

You asked about a little kitten's eyes on my blog. His eyes definitely had a blue hue, but they are changing as he grows.


Jenny said...

The mushrooms look great! Congratulations on getting the new camera-I have no doubt that you'll be sharing more of your art now!

Laurie said...

Okay, I'm getting ready to go out to breakfast and now I'm going to have to order a mushroom omelette, thanks!

Thank you for your nice comments about my Auntie -- yes, the photos are part of my huge family photo project, which I haven't touched in several weeks. Why? It's too darn sad, I get sooo melancholy and then I have to stop. I wonder when I'll be able to do it?