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Monday, June 22, 2009

Note about A Much Belated Win!!!

Deborah's Spunky

Deborah's Pumpkin
Oh, Lucky Me!!!!

Deborah has this really neat blog called Chew Gum & Walk (way cool blog name). She does wee little artwork, has 2 beautiful kitties, and posts fab artwork from Etsy to stimulate and inspire.

I am sooooo late in posting this here-Plz., please, please excuse me for my tardiness, Ms.Deborah:) So I won a very nice Mary Kay kit in sweet little black mesh bag-kind of like a little black dress, truly useful and essential:).

She had a giveaway entitled Kitty Cats in Blogland around the end of April, and on June 1st Sandy Mastroni won 1st prize, and I won second! How cool is that!!!?! You can even see one of my kitties, and one of Sandy's kitties on Deborah's blog. ( I told Kippurrs that he was famous now, and he was much impressed, although feigned nonchalance-these poofy kitties, ah!)

Sandy paints eekingly ,stupendously, fabulous kitties and people, etc.. She loves painting on fabric. I just adore her work ! (Kids, you can get me anything from her Etsy site!)

I haven't tried the Mary Kay products yet, but can't wait , because I heard very nice things about the products:) !

Deborah is a truly inspirational sweet individual, who is so positive and reinforcing of the positive. She will be launching a new Size Three children's clothing line in the somewhat near future, and opening up an Etsy site. She does very fine crochet work, this I know, and these very sweet clothespin dolls. ) I too am trying to get organized enough to open my Etsy shop).

And to further add to her talents, she also just started a great blog called The Cat Art Gallery. She heralds artists and their art and their ever inspiring and lovingly gorgeous kitties. What a TERRIFIC idea!!! Give me a little more time, Deborah, my info and pics are coming!:)

The pictures above are of her 2 gorgeous kitties, Spunky and Pumpkin. Are they adorable or what?!?!!!

So get on over to the 2 blogs and take a peek. Got some little kitties? Write Doborah about them, and join in the fun!!!

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deborah said...

Lydia, big hug for you. Thank you for making me feel so good this afternoon. I'll be looking for your art gallery information soon as you get it.