KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Friday, June 20, 2008

write your story, fold it, then pass it along...

Pontificating upon the travesties of the world at hand

Miranda transferred her angst into the postal body
and released the lines upon her face.
wouldn't it be nice to actually let such a simple way
contend with her life as a whole?
She jostled the book, which had fallen closed
as she awoke and realized that it was all a dream.
'Oh, well, tomorrow's a new day', she thought, and she fell softly asleep.
Outside, a postal truck came and emptied the nearby receptacle. 
A light filled the street, brighter than the sun, for a split second,
then was gone. 
The next day the mail came, and in the assorted mess of papers on her table, was an envelope
unlike any that she had ever seen.
She waited to pour some tea, relaxed, then sat in her favorite armchair, 
legs lifted over one arm on the cushioned arm.
She took a sip of tea and opened the letter...'heart wide open'...

Anyone care to continue the story?(keep it nice...)       Lydia   

  P.S. Accompanying artwork acceptable                               

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Treasure Barn said...

What a great idea. Yu must send Red Tin Heart an email to come over and read this. She is a great writer.
Thanks for your kind words regarding my Father.

I am not good at writing but here goes...

It was mail art! A beautifully created envelope. It was so colorful and she was so excited to open it especially when she read the name of who sent it that she spilled her coffee all over it.

She couldn't beleive her eyes. It was from her first real love. A handsome young Navy soldier that she had dated and fell secretly in love with in her early twenties. They were stationed at the same naval base where she was a naval nurse. Soon after they met and dated a few times he was transfered to another naval base and they lost touch. She never forgot about him. She heard that he got married and had children and her heart broke but she tried to forget him and she married too.

As she tried to clean up the spilled coffee she began to read...Are you the same Miranda I dated at the Naval Base? I have been trying to find you for twenty years.