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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

13 Years ago today...Happy Birthday Handsome

This is my baby. 13 years ago today he was born -  all 11 lbs. 12 oz. , natural childbirth in less than 4 hrs.. Yeah, I almost died, but didn't because of constant prayer and an amazing husband. We came home from the hospital and there was a message from the football coach on the answering machine.....   :)

This picture was taken a year or so ago. He's kind of slumped in his seat at some performance or game. But he's sooo adorable. Girls flock to him, but he is very humble, and doesn't really notice much. 

When he was in kindergarten, he decided to be in the talent show at school. He did improvised break-dancing(almost-kind of really his own thing) and singing, and blew the house down. He continued to do it for a few years.

He's one of the smartest in his class, and has excelled in almost everything since, well, since right away. He would say when little, after having 2 girls before him, that he completed the family. And that he did.

At a year and a half he drew a fabulous x-mas tree, ornaments and all. And he was so into Peter Pan, (actually all of us were, except my husband who never saw the original movie 'til we had kids), and drew the most detailed crocodile with sharp teeth and all- Yes, I lie not, he was a year and a half old. I also read the whole original Peter Pan book (by Barrie) to him with a British accent at this age. He waited for it every night. 

 He now does artwork , collages backgrounds on the computer in Adobe, and prints them out for t-shirts. He gives them as gifts and even started to sell to friends.

He loves artwork and politics. Can sit down with any adult, and hold his own. I walked into the house the other day to see him on hold with  a new local radio program , where he spoke with our local Congressman on air. He was supposed to speak with him in DC last year on a People to People Program that he was nominated for, and attended. The congressman was not there- he mentioned this , as well as two points of interest, backed up with facts most adults couldn't remember.

A natural sponge, school is a bit too easy for him; compassionate and loving, very nurturing with little ones, and I'm sure that he'll be really mad at me for writing all these things. I'm sorry, I don't mean to blubber, and I'm sorry Serge, but you were born and all... :)he-he   Isn't he a doll?

Found a couple of pictures of his artwork from  early toddlerhood... Oh yeah, and he's outside mowing the lawn to help Dad out, as I write. (Don't worry, he's got his days like any one of us- and boy he's tough like a pitbull when he wants to be:)   


Mica said...

Happy Birthday !!! I know how your feeling. My baby boy just turned 14 !!! They grow too fast. Hope he had a great day!!! tell him that for me. Thanks for the inspiring comment as well, I have been slowly learning the past 13 years to make things ahead of time... sometin=mes that can be hard. I get really festive when that particular holiday comes nearer, it's hard to create Halloween in the Summer !!! Hugs, Mica

Lydia said...

Thanks from No. 3 :)

Jann said...

I LOVED this post, Lydia! It was such a lovely tribute to your beautiful son. He is a doll, I agree--very handsome! You always have so many interesting things to share, and I enjoy reading all about them when I visit your blog. You sound like you're a terrific mom and your children are very fortunate to have a mother like you! Thanks for giving me a big smile to wear this morning!