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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Oncology & Anthropologie & Misc. Pictures Too

So after driving 1 1/2 hrs. to my husband's oncology appt. , I went to Anthropologie to get a little Eye Candy. Their sale eye candy was fine for my kids' bathroom cabinet knobs. The oncology situation for later.

What was even better than 3 beautiful ceramic knobs at a couple bucks each, was the conversation I struck up with 2 women at the sale table.We were oohin' and ahhin' over a few items and immediately started to talk. Terri and Stephanie, if you visit, the plates ended up being half off of the price listed :) What a deal.:)

We had the nicest time! Stephanie was getting her 25 cents worth of eye candy while her very well behaved 3 younger children were within view.Terri's kids are out of the house and shared with us some artsy ideas with the Anthropologie goodies . And I asked if they blogged. Stephanie does, and Terri's being persuaded to get an Etsy space by a friend for her artwork.We shared info, and what a nice time we all had, at a sale table.

I actually found THE perfect work table there for my as yet unfinished studio in my basement. It was exactly what I envisioned, a ten foot long vintage counter height 'farm' style table with great legs, a shelf underneath, and it even had 4-6 drawers! It was so perfect I had to text my oldest daughter and my hubby.Trouble is, it was $12,800.00. Yep- you read that right:) I texted them the price to give them a laugh. Ah, well, it's amazing what one can do with plywood and a bunch of nails:) I actually have one beautiful old oak table that I picked up from a church . It's not counter height, only 5 ft. long, has no shelf or drawers, but it's a great table to start 'til I find what I need/want. And it only cost $25- , my kind of bargain.

The funny thing is, I think I was supposed to meet these fine ladies and have a nice talk. You see, I always come in (the 2-3 times a year that I visit) and go straight to the right where the household section is -cool knobs, neat books, vintage remade display pieces... Instead, I went to the left where the clothing was, saw the great table, admired some of the clothing, and landed upon the sale table, Stephanie, and Terri. When we finished our conversation, I turned to the back to see what was there for the bedding. I observed a beautiful white comforter that was gathered all over with these little flimsy wooden(?) buttons, and thought, "How in the world do you wash this thing". I turned around to say something to the other 2 women, and they were gone. And I thought, if I had come in the other side, I probably would not have met them at that moment, and had that friendly encounter. Makes you wonder.

The little red plastic shoe is vintage. It was my Mom's and I love it. It looks like 2 different backgrounds, but it's just the lighting. I like the red and white look picture better, although neither is a really good picture of it. I have these new little ones that I want to paint to mimic. One of those little things that I may make into some party decoration or something.

The collaged little notebook, (not the best picture), is actually pretty cute with my polka dot girl, as we call her. I had to drill into the cover to get the flowers through, and then, covered the inside cover with paper and more flowers that actually hold down nice and flat. It's all tied with a pretty velveteen ribbon. I make things like this when I don't have much time. It keeps my hands busy, and my mind settled. And they make nice little gifts. My girls come 'shopping' when they need things in a pinch.

My Mom could never go anywhere without bringing something, and she would always say, "Ya nye mogu ityee s golami rukami", which in Russian means, "I can't go with naked arms/hands". ( empty handed).
My Dad would always want to be on time, and my Mom would always do this last minute, holding things up. I have 1 offspring who's very similar. The girls and I almost never go empty-handed. Funny how some things get passed down from one generation to the next.

And the Andy Warhol style pic is of my son -forever the ham.It's on my Mac with its Web Cam. The mess on the table is some artwork leftover from the home show/bake sale that I had last Dec. (bake sale portion to benefit our little church-btw-it was gorgeous and delicious!).


Patti said...

I love this post and I love the little shoe. I tried to make Tiny Red Shoes out of clay awhile back. Did you see them? I love this little red shoe and think you should definately paint it!

Sounds like you had a realy fun time especially talking to the lady.

My husband is Russian Lydia. Did I tell you that once already?

Hey, whatever happened to the story we were writing? Where did it end?

Yes the Convenzion is in Pleanton CA. It would be fun to go but to far away for me.

Have a great weekend

Lydia said...

Patti, I'll have to look back to see your post about the clay red shoes. They sound cute:)

Yes,you mentioned about your husband. Does he speak any Russian, or know where his family is from?I'm always interested in people's backgrounds because I love foreign languages and cultures.

No one else picked up on the story yet. Will have to bring it forward. And I love your continuance of it. It's so interesting to see creativity at work!

The convenzione would be fun- not in my cards at this time, though.

Patti said...

Thanks for the comment on my tiny red shoes.

Yes it would be fun to see where the story ends.

I will ask my husband tomorrow what part of Russia his grandparents were from. He does know some Russian but not alot.

Have you ever heard of the musical group called Bering Strait? They are from Russia.They are a group of 4 young men and 2 young ladies and their music is considered country. They struggled to make it in USA but as far as I know they only did 2 albums here. I just wondered if they made it bigger in Russia. My husband and I both loved their music and we saw the DVD about their journey to be music stars. They did make to the Grand Ole Opra.


vivian said...

hi lydia, just popping in. We are partners in the vintage apron swap! should be lots of fun. I should start cooking up a plan. I need to know what colors you like! be sure to stop by my blog too! looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Jann said...

Loved everything about this post--the little red shoe, the collage photos of your son, the info about what you found at Anthropologie. All except the part about your hubby--I hope he's okay, and I will add him to my prayers right away. My husband and I went up to a city near here called Roseville, and there was a brand new Anthropologie up there in a beautiful shopping plaza--the only time I'd ever been inside one was a few years ago when my sister took me to the Anthropologie in Santa Barbara, CA. I love their stuff, but whoo, it's expensive, as you demonstrated! I heard one opened up in Boise, ID, where I'm headed tomorrow to check on our house which has been on the market FOREVER. In answer to your question the other day on my blog (and I finally got around to answering it ON my blog comments list), the card I made is not 3D--it just appears that way, I guess. Take good care--I read about the ConvenZioNE in Pleasanton, which isn't too far from me, but I doubt that I can afford the classes right now. Sure would love to go! Take care, Hugs, Jann

Jann said...

Whoops--I forgot to say that I love the notebook that you created--it's beautiful! You're very talented!

Lydia said...

I believe that I read that the group split up, Patti.

Lydia said...

Thank you, Jann.:)