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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lydia and Nina-Childhood Artwork

Ok. So this is a very early picture of my sister, Nina, and me, that I made years ago. I'm the cuter one on the right. (Sorry Nina, my blog:) Te-He). Also the baby of the family. You can see that the shellac has yellowed with time.

I would glue photocopies onto painted cardboard, cork,  or other items, and make stands for them, or hang- mostly on the walls of the stairs going down to our basement, or give as gifts.This one had a stand which has since broken off. I just found it in something the other day.

 Often, I would collage a number of photos. I would then go down to my Dad's office, which also doubled as the workroom in the basement, and shellac over the picture or collage. I might also go outside , or in the garage to apply the stinky stuff. But, for quickies, yes, I used those chemical applicants in my basement, hoping that the smell wouldn't give me away. As long as I put back in its proper place what I had removed, I was able to use almost anything there.

I would also go to my grandfather's house and scavenge wood, trim, or other items to work on yet another project. My grandfather, like so many people of his generation,  was a jack of all trades. He could always figure out a way to do something. He was always working on something, whether it be shoes, a frame, a decorative radiator cover, or whatever else was requested or he needed. 

 Do you  have any old artwork from your youth?

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