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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

2nd Library Session, Nieces Coming, House getting worked on...What's a girl to do???

Wait a second.... So, I'm a little 'out of breath', can you hear me panting??? :)There's nothing like being on the phone for over 7 1/2 hrs., only to have your internet connect continue to be here or 'there'. Yeah, it's going, yet I have to do something every time to get on-line. Another 3-7 1/2 hrs. on the phone coming up. I don't want to bore you with all the details. When I whine, I might have a pity party, and I've had enough of those, thank you.

And yesterday and today I was prepping for my 2nd library session, which I feel went well. More people signed up for this session, and more time is allowed for next session. Hopefully , it will be a continuing  art session. Today was transformation. They had to transform any item, we shared our special notebooks and the grab-bag collage that we made to open up the series.There's a lot more that goes with that, but I'm being brief here. 

In between the internet being out and my library session today, my friend Tania Baeva (Moscow doll artist friend) called (while  in the states for NIADA), and I scurried to get a package out to her- some Mongolian Tibetan goat hair. You can see her wonderful dolls at Just look up artists to see their work.

And of course there are the Olympics, and the Georgia/Russia conflict. Since I won't be politicizing here, I will say that I'm very interested in what everyone has to say about the latter, and am constantly amazed by people who 'know things' yet have never visited the area, nor do they know about the history and conflicts within. It's not always black and white, but many shades of grey. I think there are many people escalating tensions for NO good reason- people that I may normally agree with in many other situations. Seems to me that a  lot of people want to 'jump on the bandwagon' without really understanding all sides. OK- I've said too much....................and, it is really neat to see developments in China, since I was last there.

Oh, yeah- my new camera never came- it was cancelled without them telling me that it was cancelled. The warranty came, but no camera. When I called they told me that it was discontinued.EHHHH! If you only knew how long it took to decide on a new camera, and the research that I did. Oh, well, back to the drawing board.

And the wood for my office is coming very soon, so I hope the builder will correct the "Water coming in through the wall, windows, and front door!" situation...because, I'm laying a wooden floor this week!!! Got my  reconditioned Bostitch Nail Gun and I'm ready to GO!

Sense a little excitement? I'm actually better organized, and trying to maintain a certain level of job completion. I have at least one more art session, the apron swap, about 5 shows to get ready for or to deliver to, plus a Home Show and Bake Sale, Translating in the schools for adopted Russian children,....and the list is too tiring.

The story is that I've been dealing with( Mono and) acute Lyme on top of acute Lyme, on top of acute Lyme, on top of chronic Lyme, and 2 co-infections(Bartonella and Babesia), and my husband's lung cancer, so it's been a little hairy at times. OK- a lot of the time. But, I don't want this to be a whining blog, soooo I  like to look at the good. 

The Babesia's gone, and we're working on the Bartonella. I have way more energy, and have reduced a great deal of the symptoms, and have a fantastic doctor who is one of the few nationwide who specializes in the Lyme and is also extremely knowledgeable about natural supplements that help. I do not like drugs, so I seek out the alternatives.Unfortunately, one must deal w/the anti-biotics w/the Lyme. It is not to be messed around with. My doctor keeps switching them according to the symptoms. In Nov. it will be a year and a half since being diagnosed, (after being mis-diagnosed for many years ). And I would never wish this chronic Lyme, etc. and its miriade of symptoms upon anyone. 

Anywho- my great excitement with the listing of what is on my list, is that, I am starting to feel more up to the task. My family comes first, so for me to start to regain my wonderful energy to do a lot more is just great! I still have some great fatigue, but it's less and less, and lasts a lot shorter. I'm gaining so much of my endurance.

...AND, my 2 beautiful and smart nieces are coming from California to visit. Well, actually one of them is coming for a few days, and the other may be coming, but to just pass through,. They're going with my oldest to see the cousins on Long Island. Natalie is staying for a few days. She just graduated Berkeley in 3 YEARS!!!Olga is trying to come also, but for a shorter time. We have fun. Not only are they smart, beautiful, and loving, but they are creative and love to create like me and especially my oldest. So, I think that a side trip to the Ribbon factory is in order.:)

Yeah, that's me in the picture above:)  Later.


Patti said...

Oh I hope your feel better real soon. Sounds like you are toooo busy!

A visit from your neices will be so fun. Have a great time with them.

Thanks for your kind words on my post. We did have a great visit with my son and his family and Freedom however I was a bit disappointed. I will post about it.

Slow down a bit my friend.

Jann said...

Wow, Lydia--I'm out of breath just reading about your busy life! How did you get Lyme disease--from a tick? I hope you beat it, and with your determination and energy, I know you will. Take good care of yourself! Hugs, Jann

Lydia said...

I had 3 bulls eye rings since last spring '07, and realize that I had more since I moved to our new home 3 yrs. ago- right outside my door, in our yard. Doctors just said they were bad mosquito bites. They 'stained' me with dark marks.

The houses were built on old farm land,and the field mice carry the deer ticks(as well as other ticks that may carry the Lyme). I also had questionable marks years earlier.

When someone has chronic Lyme, and then gets an infected tick bite, it usually comes on more acutely, if it was never treated previously. I may have also gotten some from the swarming knats/mosquitos when mowing the lawn one time. 10% are air born vectors, instead of the ticks. But, this is more rare.

I'm so way better, that's why I even mentioned it. But, dealing w/it has been very difficult at times.It's even harder when your own family doesn't understand it, because the symptoms can change constantly.They just figure that I could always handle everything, mono, Lyme,....

I tend to take all upon my shoulders when others don't if something needs to get done. I've learned how to take care of myself better. That's when I forced myself to find the time for my artwork.

My normal constitution is to be very positive and to have way more energy than most people.That's how I used to travel around the world so well.So I'm loving feeling better. I still have a ways to go, but I heal well.

catieann said...

Hi Lydia
thank you for visiting my blog.
I just spent time here on yours and found it very nice. I am intrigued with your library sessions. ANd of course I love your cat!!
come back anytime

Lydia said...

Kiska Kitty says meow , meow(thank you, thank you:)