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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Vintage Apron Swap hosted by Garb-oodles Soup

So my swap partner is viv out on a whim. Here's the apron that I made her. Hope she likes it! My hubby really liked it and said he wanted one like it,it was so nice.Te-He- Isn't he sweet? My Model daughter is modeling it in her skinny jeans.(Just found out yesterday at her sports physical that she is now 6' tall! Wow!)

I also made a couple of coordinating kitchen towels and a heart 'pin' cushion. ,  some collaged magnets out of her pics, and tags out of the originals (no pic. of tags  here)- hope it's ok to post these here, Viv.

The apron has deep comfy pockets w/big vintage, cranberry buttons. The tie- back is a universal size to fit all sizes. I double lined the pockets, then scallop-trimmed one side. The corners are tacked down as well, and I double stitched in many areas so that it would hopefully withstand washings.

I had so much fun designing and making the apron! And the funny thing is,about 15 years ago, my Mom kept asking me to make aprons to sell. I said,"But I don't even wear aprons, Mama!" She kept asking me. She was, I quess, forward thinking. I actually wear them once in a blue moon. A great idea to protect nice clothing when getting ready for a party. I want to make some more now.

A great book about aprons, w/wonderful pictures is: The Apron Book, by EllynAnne Geisel. It's a fun little book, w/vintage pics , stories, and patterns. The apron I designed was inspired by 2 vintage aprons I have and some pictures in the book.

Have you made any aprons? If so, did you enjoy it? I loved mixing the fabrics.  Later-Lydia


vivian said...

Lydia, oh lydia! I know i already told you, but let me tell you again how much I adore everything you sent me! I do love it all!
did you get your package from me yet? mailed it same day as you mailed mine.. let me know when you do!
be watching your mail.. Im making you something extra special!

Jann said...

The apron is just beautiful, Lydia! You did a fantastic job! Smiles, Jann

Sabii Wabii said...

Lydia...the apron is great. I love the collaged art you sent also.