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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Ask and You Shall Receive:)

This is what is on my 13 year old's dresser right now. Things that were cool  to him that he's collected.Even the little kid's picture is just a vintage picture that he got at a sale... It's all displayed just so, as you can see. (Just click to enlarge).
Life is truly amazing. I often think that it's the little things that can bring me down. Big- I can handle-until all the little things pile up. Then one more little thing can topple me. Well, I'm proud to say that I didn't let it happen. Nope- Not a stitch!

So when my hot water heater went, I didn't go into a tiz-which could happen when you hang by a thread often. I looked up, and asked for help. I asked that it would cost nothing, or very little, and that it would be rectified as soon as possible .How was I to know that with this calm came an instant answer. We are blessed.

I told you in my last post how these wonderful neighbors of mine were so wonderful. Well, I just asked him to be able to check out the heater, to get a different opinion from the ridiculously priced one."You can get the heater for free because it's under 5 years, but it'll cost about $500- to install it. ??? Many people told me that this was just not legitimate.

The builder should have taken care of it day one when we did our walk-through, and at the very least when I complained that it just was never right a gazillion times. Even complained to the Attorney General's Off. about it because it was in the punch list.The Attorney General's Office told me that even though builders were supposed to abide by certain laws, that it was getting harder and harder to make them. Well things have a way of coming around for those who wait.

So our neighbor plumber installed the heater and refused any payment(which I asked to give a few times). My hubby offered tennis lessons for their daughter, or anyone else in the family. They may take us up on that. And I found out that he loves apple pie. Tried to give him a pumpkin pie, but he's an apple pie man. So he doesn't know it yet, but he's getting a great, big, yummy , homemade apple tart out of the Russian tea cake recipe, with a few cherries in the center. And it's oh so good! Only make them a few times a year, and mostly for the holidays.

He moved this with a hand truck, but when the water was stuck in the bottom because of a clog, he jimmied that thing across the basement to the back door,(way over 200 lbs.with the water in it), outside to the drain, unclogged it, and got sprayed all over with the clogged up milky white water(at this point). I am awestruck, and of course told my hubby how we are blessed.(He is also amazed). I like to show him, as I have more faith than him, and want to show the miracles of everyday life. My feeling is that when we are blessed, we have to help others in whatever way that we can. We must not waste this blessing. We must then share what we have.

For those possibly reading this, and not knowing the background---If you only knew what we have been through these last nearly 3 years(and earlier), you'd understand how these little blessings mean so much, and why they help to keep  us going.(Brain surgery and cancer for hubby, Lyme for me,  a horrible  death, other deaths, the kids not letting up being kids, the financial hardships because of the health and 2 college students, a son with acute asthma(who may have now grown out of a life -threatening disease-we almost lost him, but only found  this out years later), and life not letting up being life.(I'm leaving out an awful lot- and I know there are so many others who have gone through so much more, but it's all tough).

 I feel that it's God's way of saying, "Hang on. You'll get through this. I'm here.":) It gives me strength. We have been blessed not once, or twice, but many times over, just when you'd least expect it.In fact, we have always been blessed, but may not have always known it.(Well- I always saw it).

 The tears can come quickly out of a grateful heart. I wake up saying thank you, and I close my eyes saying thank you-no matter what has transpired. The more thankful I am, the more blessings are bestowed. Ok- I'm getting all shmaltzy now. But it's all true. And this body has cried so many fearful tears. They can just drop to my lap in an instant.

Well, I hope that you all have a great weekend. We're having fun filling out FAFSA-YUK!!! I do not like financial paperwork, but we must plow through it. Thank you for FAFSA, thank you, thank you...Goodnite:)


Poetic Dreams said...

I am happpy to hear that God has blessed ya hun. What a wonderful neighbor! Mayhap ya families will bond close, as the water heater being an open door.

My daughter collects the same certificates and bonds as ya son does. She's into history and searches old Surplus places for trinkets. I betcha ya son would love going to one of those.

I hope ya weekend is wonderful hun. May God continue to Bless ya immensely!

vivian said...

hi lydia, I'm glad that things with your hot water heater worked out. "praise god from whom all blessings flow!"

Tumbleweed Trails said...

What a great assortment of goodies your son has collected. I'm glad to hear the water heater dilemma is getting resolved. Such a nightmare it sounds like you've gone through. The apple tart made with the Russian tea cake recipe sounds delicous. I've not heard of it before...I need that recipe. I am always on the hunt for good old fashioned recipes for all things homemade. Yummy. My thoughts are with you and your family. Jody

Lydia said...

Thank you wonderful ladies:)

My son probably would enjoy going to a surplus place, when in the right frame of mind:)He worked an outdoor show w/me at Rubber Chicken (stamping/art/class shoppe now just on-line), and had so much fun buying ephemera, and trinkets from the others set up there.

Tart /cookie recipe coming soon to a post:) And it's so easy and versatile.

Jann said...

Hi Lydia--I think of you often--so sorry that you've had such a rough time of it the past few years. We all have our crosses to bear, and I think that, hopefully, it makes us more compassionate when others are struggling. I often feel that I should never feel sad or complain because so many have it worse than I do, but someone once told me a long time ago, "Your 'bad' or 'sad' or misfortune is bad for you, no matter what, and you're allowed to grieve. Everyone's bad is bad for them!" Does that make any sense? You and your family are in my prayers, always. PS I love your son's collection and arrangement on his dresser! ~Jann

My Journey to Hope said...

What a story of overcoming! I really identify with you, although I haven't had nearly as many health problems in our family. What I have learned is that God is faithful, in spite of everything. Thank you for sharing your heart!

And...I was SO excited to receive your package in the mail! Even the box was beautiful- my kids really wanted to keep it, but I said this one was for mommy. :) I really love the little girl with the heart & she is now happily in my creating space, ready to inspire. Thank you for your generosity & may God richly bless you and your family!


Renee said...

I always find people nicer than I ever thought they would be.

Your son has an artistic eye.