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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


(All rights reserved)                                                                                    My Mom & Dad in Germany
yummy homemade tart made w/my Russian tea cake recipe- Melts in your mouth!
Delicious, and addictive apricot bars made w/my Russian tea cake recipe-Scrumscious!

I'm getting so distracted checking on everyone's blog- this is so much FUN! Glad to meet so many new people:) But, alas, my oldest is having her graduation party this Sat., so I'll be back to posting and viewing right after this weekend!

Don't get me wrong- I love having Parties. And it looks to be about 50-70, with the potential of higher. We tend to have a 'few' people, so I am Soooo busy- you don't want to hear the list- it's way to long:) See you soon, and I hope that you enjoy your visit here! xo Lydia

PS- Boo-Hoo! I must clean up my artsy mess in the kitchen with about 10-15 collages/paintings going on. Later Alligator.

PPS- Today it's 29 years since by Dad passed away. He was only 52. I took the call at 4:15am, and it was , oh, so very hard. The tears drop to my lap, and not a day goes by that I don't think of him. I always knew I had the best Pop in all the world. I am so blessed. 

In honor of my Dad, I've added 2 little additions of 59 sec. balalaika music . My Dad's 'Hobby' was playing  balalaika w/a professional group in NYC. He would go into the city(from L.I.) every Fri. nite, after a long commute, for rehearsals. They played in Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Centre...were on TV, and the prima balalaika player did the soundtrack for Dr. Zhivago.


oksana said...

I like your parents photo. They look very beautiful and happy.
And the cake looks very tasty. Maybe you can share the recipie with me?
A, by the waty, your lust art peaces are wonderful!

Lydia said...

Thanks, Oksana.The picture was taken in Germany right before or after their wedding.

My MOm was a DP from Byelo-Russe, and Papa's papa was from Tula, and his Mom's family from Galitsia-(or did I tell you that already?):) He was serving in the Army in Germany. He was American born, but of course spoke Russian.

I will soon share the recipe. It's so easy, and very delicious. It can make many baked goods.

And thank you for the kind words.


Laurie said...

I'm very happy to have found your lovely blog through OWOH. I know how you feel about your dad -- this year in about a month it will be 10 years since I lost mine and it still makes me cry when I realize how long it's been since I last saw him. The love never dies. My dad was a sailor in WWII.

Renee said...

It is a good thing to honour the people that are not longer here. Especially our family. xoxo


Jean from jlfstudio said...

Russian food,balalaika music, and memories of family all in one blog post can't get any better than that. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy the party and please, please share the recipe for the luscious desserts! My sweet tooth kicked into high gear when I saw the pictures! - lol!

Hugs and blessings from a hungry Southern Oregon artist - Jean

Lydia said...

Thank you Jean-

and , excuse my naivite, but, how do I contact you-website contact gives me stampin'up- the contact page with stampin'up?

Lydia said... , right?

JoaniB said...

Hello. Your art is beautiful and your food looks delicious. I miss my dad, too. He left us 16 years ago and I still miss him, and my mom, who passed 17 years ago. It's nice that you honor his memory. Have a beatiful day. Joani