KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

OWOH is now officially closed on this blog

Thank you so much for all your kind words ,and participation! I will be picking 3 winners later on today, Thurs., 12 February, 2009.

Now we can all leisurely peruse each others blogs, and get to know one another. I finished looking  at everyone's tonight (went thru 760 just this evening alone), (to enter a lot of giveaways)- and my hand is in a very stiffened position.Ehhh!

Unfortunately, since I finished a little after midnight EST, I missed a few good ones that were already closed. I thought I did well, for the very little time  that I had in general, to check out the whole kit-and-kaboodle caravan:)(only jumped on the caravan at the beginning of the month).

Goodnite.I'll pick the winners after subbing for a HS Art class. Maybe , they'll help to pick out the winners:)


Cathy said...

well you won mine!

i have to run errands, so will announce it later on my blog + i'll email you for your mailing address!

Lydia said...

Thank you, Cathy!!!

trisha too said...

thank you so much!!! i'm very excited to be receiving your domino kitty necklace; thank you for participating in OWOH. It's truly amazing to find blog after blog after blog with so many interesting and talented people.