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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!...and a broken hot water heater!!!EHHH!!!

Cute flowers from Ikea, warming up this blog post:) (albeit fake)
So Ken walked in a few minutes ago, from work, and said,"more drama, huh?" Meaning, no hot water and trying to take care of what should have been taken care of by the builder... It's under 5 years, so we can get a new hot water heater, the plumber who installed said, but it'll cost about $500.00 !(We really don't have it, after all we've been through w/my husband's cancer...). I've found out since, that it's a BIG rip-off. Hope they can get one to us immediately for free. I have a very nice neighbor , who's a plumber, who's willing to help us out. I asked how much , and he said to not worry about it/he'll work w/me.

We certainly are blessed. I just have to get this thing pronto, and NOT 3 wks. from now! And I don't really know this family much. His wife was the only one in the neighborhood to help out w/signs , etc. last year when I organized the community yard sale for the 3rd year! We'd only spoken by phone. How amazing is that!

Also, we have been having to reset the hot water heater about every 3 showers or so. It shouldn't have to be done more than about 5 x a year I found out. So my daughter went down to reset it before going to bed last night, and right before she touched the reset button, she got a shock, and it was HOT. My son tried again today, and he asked me, "Mom, why does the plastic have a hole in it?" I thought that my daughter just accidentally touched a wire, but the wire actually 'touched' her! So lucky, that she's ok and there was no fire. Thank you God:)

 Nothing like a little extra drama to take up more precious time. I'm relaxed. It's all good. This is small in comparison to so much that's gong on in the world. It's just cold outside!... and we're supposed to get snow this weekend! Brrrr!!! cold showers !!! Very cold!!!


Poetic Dreams said...

Saying prayers hun that ya can get a new hot water heart asap.It's a Blessing ya daughter wasn't hurt, or like ya said a fire. Hope all turns out well quickly.

Lydia said...

Thank you so much.

Yes, the first thing I did was send up a prayer. And look what wonderful neighbors were brought my way:) Of course, I was immediately thankful that she wasn't hurt.:)Thanks again.:) la