KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just having some fun, and... I can see....

Just having some fun with a package to Alison, one of my sisters -in-law (??? or is it sister-in-laws???) Living with chronic Lyme, and healing from it, is like a roller coaster. But, about twice a year for the last , I don't know how many years, for a few hours, I can see clearly. Don't get me wrong. I'm not blind or anything, and some would say that my sight is way better than others. But, it's this feeling, that when I can see clearly behind my eyes, even the 6 panels in the doors look amazing to me. My head clears, I can focus, I feel positive, and feel like I can do anything. 

Dealing with physical symptoms, pardon my Francais, but it sucks. When your body keeps having to deal with so many things not being quite right, even if you can tolerate it, well, it takes your focus away. One can become distracted, while the mind focuses on what the body is constantly feeling, especially when the feelings change constantly like the DVD player ball on pause for too long. Bouncing all over the place. 

 The sinuses become affected a lot, wreaking havoc - it's like a constant war going on in the body. Anyone who deals with sinus infections/problems will know what this is like. 

Anywho, it feels so nice to see. Wow! What a treat.:)


vivian said...

Lydia, I'm glad the cobwebs are clearing.. maybe its the spring.. anyways, now enjoy yourself and make the most of your "feeling well time"!
have a blessed weekend!

oksana said...

Hi Lydia! I think you are so brave and your sence of jumor helps you (and everybody)a lot!

Laurie said...

I wish you many more days of clarity!

I can relate just a little bit with what you're saying because of the lack of oxygen from living at this altitude. I spent the first 37 years of my life at sea level and even after 7 years in CO it's still hard. This past weekend in oxygen-rich Indiana I felt so clear headed!