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Friday, August 21, 2009

Computer Strange-ossities...and my Dad's lousy doctor MILLER from L.I.

So we can't find our photos or i-tunes., and Java script is void???.. Have a few photos on the desktop that I can post from the party for hubby, but have to rectify the computer glitches. Why does everything important happen at the same time??? Arghh!

Hubby restarted his chemo on Wed., and is not doing so well. Chemo & radiation s_ck! Luckily, no radiation. I think that he has had enough of that. My Dad died from too much radiation. Lousy doctor- did I tell you about him?- he said to my Dad going through Hodgkin's Disease in 1979-80, "You took a mortgage out for your house, a loan out for your car, I'm not waiting for Blue Cross/Blue Shield- Take a loan out to pay me!" Dr. Miller on Long Island. Don't mind saying his name. Believe that he has passed away. Can you believe that!?

I used to take tour groups around the world in my 20's. Have traveled quite extensively worldwide. Had a group of doctors, ( I took professionals for continuing education credits), from Long Island. The lead doctor had worked with this horrible doctor & told me that they didn't talk badly about fellow colleagues..."But, I will tell you this. I worked in a hospital with Dr. Miller. All the other doctors signed a petition to remove him from the hospital".
He told me this after hearing about my Dad.

My Dad thought that he was doing well, and was feeling great. Dr. Miller made him do back -to-back radiation. (He was doing chemo, then radiation, then chemo, radiation...).My Dad died of Fibrosis of the lungs, not from the Hodgkin's.

Fibrosis of the lungs is when there is so much thickening from too much radiation, and there is no room in the lungs for the air to go through to breathe,as in my Dad's case. The radiation killed him. This jerk, oh, pardon my French and 29 years later , but he essentially killed my Dad. The doctors told me to sue. Doctors! But, suing would not bring back my unconditionally loving Dad now would it?

Anywho, that's the story of my Dad's lousy doctor.

Now for the posted pics.

The cake was so yummy,thanks be to Carlos.

And so what, I removed a 'few' wrinkles from hubby's photo with a top girl that he coaches, Lauren ,(Lourne??- I am told this is the spelling??).

And it is so typical for the event photographer, My Larissa, to take a picture of her cool shoe. Isn't it' perty'?

And she's doing the fashion show again at Vibrant Artwear during fashion week . This time her vivacious good friend, Krissy, has auditioned and is doing it also. Did I mention that Krissy is outgoing? She can talk to anyone. What an absolute sweetie.:) They will probably have her dancing in the special dance routines.

Have a good day.

PS- Oh, yeah, I have artwork all over the place , but have to fix the computer before posting, as I have no I-photo at this point to put them in!!!


Jann said...

Loved the shoe photo!!!! I can empathize with your story about the Dr.--when my Dad was suffering from lung cancer, he had a couple of LOUSY doctors, and I believe he would have survived, at least longer than he did, were it not for them and for his incomprehensible trust in them. The first doctor missed a tumor in my dad's lung during a routine X-Ray that I and my sisters could see when we finally had that X-Ray in hand, and months later, my dad was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer--he continued to see that doctor the whole time he was ill!

Laurie said...

Ugh, what an awful story about your father's terrible doctor. I hope your husband feels better and soon.