KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kippy, Kip, Kippurrs...Running to Heaven...(..and the Russian word for the day on the side bar is:plakat', which means to cry)

Unbeknownst to Larissa taking the pictures and videos below, you can see it in his eyes, these were his last moments. In the video I can hear his rapid breathing. I was downstairs when she was going to get him to give his medicine and some food. I wish she would've gotten me. I was right downstairs.

But even in the end, he was talking and telling us "No". He did not want the medicine and food. I wish I'd thought to give him some whipped cream. He loved whipped cream. Doctor said not to give him anything fatty, because the pancreas was not digesting it easily, being inflamed. (He had pancreatitis).

You can't see how very skinny he got, because he was a mound of beautiful pouf. But, my poor baby did not look very good here. He liked to stay under Lara's bed.

I didn't post the pictures and videos that showed too much. If you pause the playlist at the bottom, you can hear him telling Lara, "No".

We met Kippurrs on the console of a 4 by 4. The window was partially open, and he said,"I want to go home now"., very matter-of-factly. I told him,"OK. I'll tell your people inside that you want to go home". When I entered the shop, I asked about the cat in the car. They asked, "Oh, is he yours"? We all looked at one another, me Lara, and Serge. I posted of this meeting in more detail, just a few posts earlier.

We got Kippy Thanksgiving of 2005, right after moving in to our new home. He was none too pleased to be coming into a home where there was another kitty already in charge. The first 2 hours at home, he talked non-stop. I got so tired of his complaining, me the cat whisperer. I worried that he would not adjust. I'd never had that experience with a kitty.

He was quite naughty, scratching the furniture, shredding cardboard, starting some fights, complaining about everyone, complaining that this was NOT his home, and that there was another kitty here. We had quite a time, and the kids were starting to wish for the kitten that they'd given up when we all decided upon Kippurrs. Well, I put him in the laundry room for a time out, so to speak.

I then went inside, sat on the floor next to him, and poured my heart out to him. He had gone through quite a bit, and was very displeased. He told me that everything was quite wrong. I apologized for not being able to know where his home was, and that he had been saved, but he was still so stubborn.

I cried and told him that we were a house with a tremendous amount of kitty love in it, and that I would like to make another go of it. He agreed, and right then and there we became BFF's.

We had some rough times, but Kippy asserted himself within our home and family. Everyone eventually fell head over heels in love with him, for you see, he was quite the conversationalist! You could talk the weather, or dinner preparations, or gift giving, or about your sadness or joy, and Kippy would have something to say. He loved to ask questions such as,"Is it bedtime yet? Because I want to go on your chest and push with you right now, and I want to beat out Kiska from getting to your chest in bed first." ...or,"Is it breakfast time yet? because I really am starving"....he also said. "Humpf!" alot.

or..."I don't know what they are doing in the government these days, there seems to be no common sense." If you asked his opinion, he always, well, almost always had a response.

Kippy and Kiska had a love hate relationship. Kiska tried to love him, and Kippy just hated any competition. Well, almost. Usually he would wash Kiska in the middle of the night, then attack him so that he would leave the king size bed and have us all to himself. There was just NO ROOM on that bed for 2 kitties, according to Kippy.

As we grew together, we grew to love this poofy little guy, (actually pretty tall), so very much. And when we got Puma, he and Puma became fast friends, taking turns grooming one another.

Just a few weeks ago, right before our Ocean City trip, he got another UTI, or what seemed to be one. This time however, it was not a UTI, but pancreatitis. The doctor didn't know what caused it so she wanted to do more testing, but the bills were way too expensive, and we'd already spent a little bundle, which we already could not afford. When we came back from the trip, she gave him a different food, and added 2 minor medicines. That's when he stopped eating . Then he stopped drinking. It all happened so suddenly, just in the last couple of weeks. So we stopped the new stuff, but he didn't return to his normal self.

So we had him hydrated and force fed him, and got him Protocel, a powerful natural supplement that could heal him , if it wasn't too late. He was between 10 and 16 years old. I'd bet he was the latter.

Last night the kids were fighting about giving him his Protocel. I told them to leave each other alone, that I would do it. I was so tired, and was hoping for them to give him the Protocel, and I would give him his food. We had to force feed him liquified food. They didn't hear me. That's when Lara took the picture and video in this post. She came for his food. They still argued. I was upset that Kippy would get upset. He didn't need this stress in the house. Kippy went to the hallway in the state in which you see him here. He threw up.

Larissa brought him to my bathroom where we always fed him and gave him his natural supplement. All this time, she didn't call me. I can see here that his breathing was bad and rapid. His voice was weak. Ken helped to give the Protocel. Ken had already gone to bed, and needs his rest with the cancer, but he came downstairs and told me that he thought that Kip wouldn't last the night. In the morning /afternoon I was thinking this might be a turn for the worse as he was a little wobbly, but still drinking and using the toilet. But he did not want to eat and said,"No." I couldn't give him much.

All of this which I am telling you happened in such a short period of time. I called Alex, who is away on a trip, and told her the update. I got off the phone, and Ken called me upstairs. I said that I was coming. 20 seconds later he told me that I wasn't coming quick enough. I grabbed the healing candle and icon with prayer, ( given to me in church by some visiting ladies who had gotten them at a special church in Moscow. We have used it for Ken.)

I came upstairs to Kippy in his last breaths. We got Serge, and called Alex. We were all with him in his last moments, praying, sobbing, petting and kissing him, then trying CPR a little, but it was too late. His warm body soon was cool to the touch. Even the other 2 kitties came to see him.

So, we were blessed that he passed away at home, and without needles and tubes in him. He had us all around him, praying. We wrapped him up and left him in the bathroom over night. We were all to awaken at 7:30.

I couldn't sleep, between all the tears and the pounding of my heart. It seems that we were all tossing and turning. And then we all awoke before the alarms. For me, the night was long, after I'd finally drifted off to sleep. To Larissa it was too short. We all really slept very little.

We had the funeral with candle,(citronella kept away the gnats, too), icons, and prayers. The other 2 cats looked on from the Kitchen French doors. Kiska had been wanting to go out , scratching at the door. Kiska and Puma have been together and quiet all day. Everyone is heart broken that our Kippy, Kip, Kippurrs is gone.

He was with us for just under 4 years, and I know that they were blessed ones. We gave him a good home when he had none. We overcame a lot in the process. He was the naughtiest kitty I have ever had, but also one of the most precious. Are they not ALL precious? He met everyone at the door, and all who hear about his passing say that they really liked him. He was so very personable.

He was taken from us too quickly, but I am so glad that he could die in peace and comfort with all of us around him. We had the absolute best conversations. I had wanted to tape them with the new camera, to post, because they were so hysterically funny. But, alas, we had not the chance.

They couldn't feed him anymore. He kept saying, "No". They brought his bed into the bathroom, and put him in it. He then got up and fell to the ground. He could not hold himself up anymore. Larissa said that he made all kinds of noises and meows and that his legs looked like they were running, while he was collapsed on the floor. I told her that he was running to heaven, that he was going through the tunnel that takes you to God, seeing his whole life before him in an instant.

He was running to heaven, and is in pain and discomfort no more. "Vechnaya Pamyat' Kippurrs!" Memory Eternal !!! are with the angels now, in heaven.xo Love you baby....and we miss you so very much. Amen.


vivian said...

oh lydia.. I'm sooo sorry about your precious kippurs! How very very sad. but like you said, you gave him a wonderful loving home when he had none and I know he loved you for that. Even in the video he was purring his I love yous to your daughter!
rest in peace precious kippurs!

Laurie said...

Oh, I'm sobbing. It is so hard to lose one of our furry family. I'm happy you could all be with him, and I'm also happy he's not in pain anymore. Hugs.

Patti said...

Oh Lydia I had no idea that your kitty has gone to heaven. I am so sorry for you. My friend lost her dog suddenly last week and it is heart breaking to see you both go through the pain. Your kitty is in heaven with God now and purring and talking to him. He is happy and healthy with no more pain or illness. I know those words do not help because you are grieving but God Bless you my friend. My heart goes out to you. I lost my kitty last Easter. I had her for 15 years. She is buried in our back yard and I made her a headstone and everyday I tell her hello and how much I miss her.

GOd Bless you my friend

Deborah said...

lydia, thank you for sharing that beautiful story of love for your little boy. he was loved and is now at peace. we humans will grieve for him and remember his love always. big hug deborah

common ground said...

I know that this has been a month ago, but I wanted to tell you how much I know what you went through in this situation with Kip. My beloved kitty passed away almost 2 years ago and I still grieve. She was like a soulmate to me if that sounds possible for a cat and person. She was 12 and had advanced diabetes that we did not know about. I still miss her. There is a bond at times, as she was my constant companion during my recovery from open heart surgery.
I've also read about your husband and my prayers are with you all for his complete recovery. Thankyou again for being in touch with me concerning Jenny's passing.
Bless you, and your family,