KpacoTa CnaceT Mup-Beauty Will Save the World

(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

"We're here to pump you up!"...Some Amazing People ...(from the surprise birthday party)

Never even saw this picture taken. Sarah, Lara, Alex, and Emma holding 'The Serge'. KG in background to right.
The proud parents of the beautiful baby, (pictures below), Jason and Christine,(my niece). (These two gorgeous people are very, very special :) ).
Serge's best bud since 1st grade.
Half of a twin set, the smart and darling Conor, taking a break from the food:).Laura and Linda. Linda owns the cafe where we received so much help and goodies. What a generous soul.

A Ridgewell's Strawberry Shortcake. This is simply heavenly. Thank you Carlos.
Sevan's & Greg's flowers, Russian Tea Cakes by Serge, and the cake. It was the bomb!
Ken, ( the cancer has aged him a bit, but he is looking good:) ) , and Lara.Beautiful and loving Linda.

Abby and her Mom.
Donna and girls.
Tilson, Aleshin, Stansbury, Patton crew.
My very 'delicious'-ly sweet, good, and very happy grand niece. Oh, do we love this child. Her parents are anxiously awaiting little cousin friends for her. None are in the oven yet, though.
A little teething going on here.
Serge loves his little cousin.
Jeff F. and honey. Notice Ken with cool shades pic. in background. Alex blew up a bunch of pictures and put them up, did a slide presentation on the laptop with Ken's favorite , Leo Kotke playing in the background. How many times have we seen him perform and get his autograph and speak to him???...about a gazillion. :)
Linda, Abby, Christy, and Donna.
Ken, Uncle Neal, Mom and Camilia.
Ken's family( well, part of them).
Super terrific Mark:).
Steven and John.
The photographer. (Kevin Neeland, (of SNL), in blown up picture with Ryan and Ken -Ken's pic. is cut off in the photo. White House . Great American Workout, 1990's). "We're here to pump you up!"Sweet Sarah.

Sarah and beau Joe.
Tennis ball container vases with beautiful flowers, (by Alex), and runners with way cool bows, (running late, so the very talented cousin Elinor came in in a pinch to help us out- what can't she do???).
Kissing cousins.

A very fine tennis player.
Francis and her beautiful family.
Tilson, Stansbury, King clan.

Rita & Jen.Mike & Chris.Donna, Alison, Stewart, and Mom (Ken's)
Jeff with wonderful cookie maker friend, Nancy. Nancy makes the very best mocha brownies, and cut-out cookies every year at Christmas. Ken got her mocha brownies. Yummmmm! These go so quickly in our house, with everyone fighting over them:) .

The guys.


vivian said...

wonderful pictures. I think its so awesome that so many people turned out in honor of your husband. He had to be deeply touched by so much love! i know you all made his day! great cake btw!

Lydia said...

There were 70-100 somewhere. And we even forgot/didn't know a bunch of others' contacts to invite( thru work).

These pictures don't even show how many that were there.

Laurie said...

Wow -- it looks like you had an awesome time!