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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No I-Photo, No I-Tunes, No JavaScript (VOID) archiving and Installing...

So suddenly in the last week things disappeared on the computer. Still had some pictures on the desktop saved, so I finally called Mac, dreading a massive job if my wireless would go out, which could happen.

They decided that I should archive and install. Now it is like a new computer. But still no I-Photo. It seems that it is on an original bundle, but to put the previous computer on, as I had recently upgraded, would not be good for my Leopard system, so they are sending me a new cd.

In the meantime, we don't have much on, as they want to lead me through everything, in case there is still a problem, as when I opened the 'new computer' up, it had an error report. Anywho, I have to wait for the cd. But, while I was on hold one time, as they were checking into the best case scenario for my computer, I recalled that the pictures I might lose might be the last pictures of my kitty, Kippurrs , who just passed away on the 3rd...and the beautiful pictures on the new camera of him- that we could never replace.

That's when I broke down crying. I was sobbing while on hold. Of course, I don't want to lose our pictures, but what will be , will be. But, it was the thought of possibly losing the last shred of my Kippy, Kip, Kippurrs, that tore through my bones, and stabbed at my soul.

Huh, I can't even use spell correct in this blog. Wonder if it has to do with holding off on installing I-Work which has Pages, etc. on it. Apple wants me to do very little here 'til the cd arrives.

So , forgive me dear readers, as I cannot upload my pictures, etc. 'til I have a place to put the pictures. Baby steps, much to do... it all feels like baby steps. My hubby started his chemo again, and is not doing well with it. That means that paychecks are down. But, I worked 2 interpreting jobs today, and they might just lead me into a permanent position in another area.

Please send up a prayer or two, if you don't mind.

xo Lydia

PS- Brought hubby to one of our churches in DC that was recipient of a visit from a miraculous icon weeping/bearing myrrh from Hawaii. The church was mobbed, as one could imagine. We all got blessed with the oil from the icon. Already, some wonderful things have occurred this week. Am praying for much at this time. Thank you all for your kind comments, thoughts, and prayers- both publicly, and privately.

PPS- And while all of this is going on I am filling up the kitchen with artwork in the middle of paint, Mod Podge, collage, and wax. Alas, I am sorry to not be able to show pictures. And as the show gets closer, I become much more frantically busy. Hope that I will be able to have the time to post, but I don't know.


vivian said...

sending up prayers for you! You have kipurs pictures on your blog dont you? maybe not all of them, but there were some really sweet ones I recall!
hoping things get better for you soon!

Deborah said...

Lydia, you are in my prayers. Just breathe. You know I have some Kippy pics! I'll be sure to send them to you. I know, print and mail. Lots of love to you and yours. Big hug, Deborah

Jenny said...

Sorry to hear about the computer problems-so frustrating. I heard that you called. I am in and out of exhaustion with my foot. Will try to call on Fri.

Patti said...

Computer problems can make you crazy!
Good luck with that.

Thinking of you today.
Hope you have a great Sunday
Hugs and God Bless You

Kass said...


So sorry to hear about your pics and itunes but most esp am praying for your hubby- and all of you. Keep The Faith!!! if you are into praying- I can suggest praying to the late Pope John Paul II- I pray to him through the rosary and I cant tell you how many prayers have been answered by him. Ill add your husband to my list.
Here's to happy days ahead and no more tech glitches

Rebecca said...

Oh dear... I am so sorry. That is terrible and I am so sorry for misreading your news. Please, I am so sorry.
I will certainly be praying for her family.

Gina said...

I saw that ikon in New York. INCREDIBLE!! I had never seen anything like that before. Orthodox Christians are blessed to have such gifts.

Lydia said...

Thank you. We do love our Icons. You know, an Icon is the holy person looking at you , and blessing you. That is why we bless our icons, especially new ones.