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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Artwork, Artwork, where art thou?

So I'm so visual, that I like posting pictures to go with the words. This is one of our paintings in our home that we snagged years ago, an oil painting. I like it.
This is a very simple Russian porcelain piece that I picked up 20+ years ago, that I always liked. And I'm not really a 'delicate' art person-ie. I don't like too many fragile , porcelain, etc. pieces. I'm drawn to folk art, and other unique pieces. But , I do like mixing styles, elegant next to rustic,etc...
This is a tambourine that I painted more than a few years ago, in the vintage style- kind of repro-like. You can't see the tamborine edges because of the cropping, but this guy is all hand painted, and I always liked him. I have quite a few Halloween art pieces that I love and put out , when I'm in the mood for decorating at Halloween. Lately, it's all quite a bit of work to pull all out, and put away every year. It's the stress from our family situation w/my hubby's lung cancer, and the lack of energy  from the Lyme.
This is a 3-D art piece that I made on an Ikea wood floor sample. She's raised, and the Russian words on the bottom, say Little Red Riding Hood, or 'Krasnaya Shapochka'-and you can see her little red hat. The grass is from Russian print. These pieces are a lot of quick fun. Great to make personalized pieces for birthdays, etc., using photocopies on other bodies.So, I 've been a bit frustrated because all week I've had so many errands and chores to do for the family, and now am under the weather, which rarely happens. Yet I still have to do the bills, etc, when all I want to do is relax and say, sew in bed, or settle in for some artwork. Thus the title...

Artwork, artwork, where art thou?


Patti said...

The painting you have had for 30 years is so pretty. Do you have it hanging in your house now? I love it! So soft and catches your eye. AND I love the color blue.
Thanks for sharing Lydia


Hey I watched the movie about Irenna Sendler and her heroism during the war. She was nominated for the nobel peace prize. Guess who won??? Al Gore for his book and movie on Global Warming. Makes me want to vomit!!

Woops...did I say that? Sorry.

Lydia said...

Thanks. Yes, the painting is in my family room.

As for the 2nd item, hahahahaha! This is one of my son's favorite things to be ready to argue about in school, should anything be 'forced' upon him to view, without any opposing viewpoints.

He even called up a local radio station to talk to one of our representatives about 'global warming' issues. He's got all the facts, and can hold his own with any adult.