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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going to a Tea Party. Wanna' Come?

Run, run, run, personal prop. tax forms, grocery store, daughter to college, counsel good friend on phone,  Alison just came over, make signs,... and now  we're off to a Tea Party.We'll meet a bunch of friends there. Hope you will join us! :)

And look what I got in the mail from Jann at A Vintage Heart. Isn't she a doll? 2 ATCs, and they are just beautiful!!!! She said she wanted to send me one, and then she sent two! :) They are even more gorgeous in person!. ... Oh, I'm a Lucky Cat...!!!...!!! (It's like getting a birthday present in the mail:)    )

See you at the Tea Party!


Laurie said...

I wanted to, but didn't get to go to my local Tea Party. My husband didn't want to go (his day off) and I didn't want to go alone. :(

I'm glad you enjoyed yours -- and I enjoyed your poem on my blog! Fun!

Lydia said...


Diane said...

I love your site! Didn't get to attend our local tea party either. The women all had signs that said: "read my lipstick, no new taxes" LOL

Patti said...

Yes Jann is a wonderful artist and a great person.
Nice surprise!!

My husband attended our local tea party and was interviewed and on the news last night. I did not go. Our community is very small but there were 300 people there. Amazing.

Jann said...

Oh Lydia, thank you for the lovely words--I am at my mom's right now in Eagle, Idaho, waiting for my son to come and pick me up. We're taking my baby granddaughter to the zoo--and I have some time right now to visit blogs, so yours was the first one I wanted to visit--so glad I stopped by! Love, Jann