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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Doctor Says overall Stable...

This one's labeled 'Dad grunting'.tehe-one of the kids labeled... A few years back at some match.
Ken and his baby sister visiting from Hawaii, a couple of years ago. Yes, my hubby wears his work/gardening pants out. I know women who would never allow this from their hubbies. was just on a trail up to a monument in the middle of nowhere.hahaha...Ah, what the heck. He's got fabulous legs.:)
He called me back a short while ago, and said with confidence that overall he is stable- which is what hubby wants to hear. Of course, I'm waiting for more healing.

His rib area is fine, so Ken is just feeling the deterioration of the rib area. But , even there there has been healing. Maybe he's just feeling some arthritis , which should be helped by the Protocel.

Doctor'll check out his neck next week, but there was only slight activity there, and in other crucial areas there was improvement.:)

Now I have to convince my hubby to be focusing on the complete recovery, instead of just stability. After all, with God, ALL things are possible.:)

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Laurie said...

This is great news!