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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrong Day-Arggh!!!

Ken with his Mom about 7-8 +- years ago in Hawaii for his sister's wedding.This is before the cancer.
So hubby got the date wrong, but I can't blame him. He had his scans on Monday, and it is typical to see the Dr. on Wednesday. But when we got there, the receptionist said that his appointment was next Wednesday! That was frustrating, and Ken didn't want to wait to hear, so we asked the Dr. to call.

 He called my cell, and I guess I didn't have reception, so I got a voicemail. He said if I had questions to call him tomorrow. But, basically that in general there wasn't much change. That some things looked a little bigger( Protocel killing off the cancer turning it into blobs that look bigger, but that are empty cells-that's what we're praying for, and that's what they have been looking like).

He also said, with a lilt in his voice, that actually some of the cancer looked better. So, it seems that once again, the scans reflect ambiguity, which looks to be in our favor. (Read Tania Harter Pierce's book,Outsmart your Cancer- Alternative Non-Toxic Treatments that Work).

So we'll see. We'll have a better feel for things tomorrow , and next week. There's been a nasty cold going on. My one daughter had it in the fall, and I was very concerned, but it wasn't the flu or encephalitis, which is what I was concerned with. She was burning the candle at both ends. 

And my other daughter had a nasty-similar- cold about a month-2 months ago. But she cleared up w/in the week. Then , my son had a head cold a couple of weeks ago, and then the gasoline got my immune system down, so that I finally joined the crew(which I usually never do-I stay pretty healthy despite the Lyme). It was just a nasty,(for a few days), head cold, that I used my homeopathics for, and am fine, with very residual effects at this point.

We usually don't get so sick around here. Although I do think that different people, or different families , go through good years, and bad /worse years.

 But, what I'm getting at is, that Ken might be fighting a low grade version of the nasty cold, and that it may have landed in his glands. The Protocel,(natural supplement that he's taking to hopefully get rid of the cancer), is a very powerful anti-oxidant, but nasty is nasty. Hopefully , it's just something simple that he's got to work out of him. He is battling lung cancer after all.

So that's the scoop.

There's a show that I'm thinking of doing in June. I've been having a hard time staying focused, what with the willy nilly overspending that our government seems to be doing. If it wasn't good under one president, why would it be better under another? When there is no money, you don't go out on the town. Very disillusioned by all sides in Washington these days. Anyway, it's been a little preoccupying. All this spending does nothing good for the confidence in the economy, and well, sales go  with the art selling business.

Concerned? A wee bit. Re-evaluating things, and feeling pretty gloomy about things. Throw the Swine Flu/N1H1-2009 flu in the mix, and no one closing our doors, like every other country in the world is doing, and well, yeah, I'm a bit worried. Who wouldn't be?

And our graduate is going to Hawaii in a few days for her graduation gift to herself, with her best friend- visiting her two aunts, and basking in the sunlight. But, Oh, those locked up planes and their recycled air.......

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Laurie said...

I know, I know, we're getting on a plane tomorrow for my grad trip. FWIW, I saw my dr. for my heel spurs yesterday and she said not to worry about the flu!

Yes, those are some ambiguous results for your hubby but overall it sounded good. I'm so glad. Take care, Lydia.