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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kippy Update

Some beautiful gladiola pictures to say thank you to all of you leaving me such nice comments with all that we've had going on. Aren't they just gorgeous? Sevan gave them to Larissa after her accident. They are from her garden.
We love this deer painting. Got it at an old special haunt in Howard County. Don't know if Ingrid has a site yet, and haven't been there in a while. We have a deer theme going in different areas around the house.So I checked the elasticity of Kippy's neck last night . He was getting de-hydrated. Started to give him bolied , cooled water in a syringe with a spray of Rescue Remedy. He ate a little something yesterday, then nothing. He went downhill. Today I was calling and missing the Dr. and she was calling and missing me.

Finally told the office gals about his hydration situation, and they spoke to the Dr. who said to bring him in so she could see him. I opted to bring him in and get hydrated, and to save on the exam. But the Dr. came out to see me anyway because she wanted to talk with me about Mr. Kip. Have to bring him back in by Thursday if there is no improvement.

I'm awaiting another formula of Protocel , a natural supplement similar to Ken's for his cancer, which is good for certain cancers and can be used with children and pets. It heals many things. It costs less than hubby's formula, and we get a discount on both when bought together. It lasts a very long time. The customer service distributer gal who calls checking on Ken used it on her teenage daughter who had Mono. The Mono was gone in 6 days! It will save lots of money that would be spent on testing, etc.. It's kind of hard to find out the cause of the pancreatitis, without expensive testing, so I've got to be proactive in my naturopathy.

I noticed an immediate improvement , but he's still pretty weak. Although, he came for dinner, but didn't touch anything. Ken said it was a Pavlovian response to my kitty cat food call, which is quite unique. Growing up, my Mom would always call my cats to dinner with a very quick 'gudyee-gudyee' sound repeated very quickly multiple times. Only it is trilled into the air and every cat that I have had, and others that I have met come to it. They are very attracted to it very quickly. (Duh, they get food with it!:) ) Actually, I have had outdoor stray cats come to me with it without food as well. Of course, a good meow never hurt either.

Then Kippy hung out under the living room couch, and finally went back to Larissa's room. But , I think that he used the litter box which is good if he did.

It was a hectic day, and in my travels I saw a little kitten by the Chick-Fil-A dumpster area. He was hiding out underneath. There were no scraps to be found on this hot day. After finding out that no one fed him, (in fact they didn't even know that he was there), I went and got a little kid's meal, chopped up the nuggets very finely and gave it with a dish of water to the little guy. He was so scared, but I saw him eating as my car rolled away.

Alex texted me that I was 'lamee' for not taking him home. He was way too scared, poor little guy.

We have lots going on and there will be more on things very soon.:0)

But, with Kippy and all this 'hecticness' I had to miss an awaited art play date with a new friend, Julie , who I met at the Greenfest show I did recently. Boo, hoo ! Next week for sure!!!


vivian said...

Hi Lydia, just checking in to see how your little kip is doing today. I hope he is feeling back to his old self soon! pancreatitis is very painful, so I hope he isnt in any pain.. said a prayer for him and for you!

Lydia said...

Thank you Vivian:)