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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

So much to post about!!!...

...for starters , here are some neat pictures that Serge took for our local 4th fireworks, in our neighboring, local park.

So much to tell! I had a very long phone call with my 95+ year old Great Aunt Betty....and my great Aunt Betty is GREAT!!! I didn't want to say anything until after the surprise party for hubby.Yes, surprise party- very , big surprise party that we had for him this last Saturday.

Hubby never reads the blog, except for once in a blue moon. So I couldn't take the chance of spoiing it, now could I? hahaha... It was a complete surprise! Yeah!!!!! Alex's idea.(My daughter is phenomenal- Have I ever mentoned that before?) :) Family and friends came from California, N. Carolina, Long Island.....It was simply amazing.

Then, Serge and I just came back from helping to watch my adorable and smart and very happy grand niece Natalya, for 2 days. Did I mention that she is cute?? Oh, yeah, she is so cute!!!!! What a love...and her parents are so unbelievably good, loving, and generous individuals .

They go into the inner city every Christmas Eve as Santa and Mrs. Claus and give out so many toys and gifts, and dinners to the very poor. Jason has been doing this for years on a fire truck(his idea), and Tina has joined since their marriage. They drum up, wrap, and donate the countless donations themselves, along with working.....and all the hecticness of contemporary life in today's world. xo


vivian said...

sounds like youve been busy! I'm sure your husband was thrilled that you threw him such a special party!! What a great thing that your friends do at Christmas time. Im sure its warms the heart of those they serve!
have a great day lydia!

Laurie said...

My son loved these photos!