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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh yeah.........(see last post below)

...the cell phone still isn't right. They gave me a new refurbished phone at my local center. I just thought they could work it a little, but it didn't accept my pictures from my previous phone. Then I get it home and realize that I cannot send or receive picture texts. So, WHY am I spending the money ???

That's when I called Verizon.

Gina was very nice and is calling me back this week. She tried everything, and thinks that there's a problem in my cell phone line, as well as a picture transferring related problem. So, it looks like they may be sending me another telephone. We'll see. I just want them to get it right.

You see, my family says that"it's just your phone w/the problems , Mom". Only, I don't do anything. I call, text, picture text, use my calendar & alarm clock, and occasionally my calculator. It never falls, gets any water on it or ANYTHING!!!

I had other phones that constantly deleted contacts arbitrarily. This went on through about 7 phones. With my current carrier, I didn't transfer any info, in case that was some kind of virus in the cell phone. I knew about cell phone viruses before Paris' debacle.

Sometimes, it's just a BIG FAT PILE of all the LITTLE things that makes me go bonkers-ie. get frustrated. On top of other things, it is quite unnecessary. Big things I can handle extremely well- little can go jump off a cliff. So when you pile the little on top of the big, it may all tumble-ahhhhh!!!!!!!!

That's why I had fun while talking to Verizon, and putting my speaker phone on a lot:)

What do you do during frustrating and long phone calls to these companies that we live and deal with?

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Deborah said...

remember to breathe. i too find it very frustrating and have to try to remember that some of the people in customer service jobs just don't really care, are new, or too young to know better! i can be very direct sometimes and have said before, how long will it take to resolve this today? (but said nicely). big hug, deborah