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(Quote from Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky's THE IDIOT, 1869)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

This is an Art blog...I think I've heard that line before...


Some random, cool, vintage, Christmas bulbs washed up and put inside this neat black & yellow pitcher. Alex found the pitcher antiquing, and my sister, Nina, got the bulbs from a friend and gave them to me. She's always on the lookout for neat vintage items, and has quite a good eye. Just thought that the picture and its colors looked nice with the fabric items. It is totally random.
Sewn notebook cover.
Bag with vintage , big a-- button from an old lady , boucle coat. Couldn't salvage the coat, but could save the buttons.
The lot.
Tag,(w/my business name, etc.), printed and ironed onto vintage pillow casing fabric, then backed with the same fabric as the bag. I like the fringe.
The bag with all the items stuffed in.Back of pillow. A very nice green- the color doesn't quite show up correctly in the picture.

Front, (or back?), of the pillow. There is a set of 2.Front of the bag.

So Emma is like family. And when she graduates and moves away and needs things for her new apt. in another state, well, we told her to come shopping at our house. We gave her a few nice things for her new place- some furniture, stuff.

For the party got her some gifts, and I made a little set of goodies out of this cool, retro looking , bark cloth type fabric.

So I made her a carry bag, 2 pillows , and a notebook cover. The tag on the bag picture is not so clear, but you might get the idea. It's sewn into the bag. Now Alex wants one of the bags. What do you think?

...and here's a picture of the beautiful, and ever so helpful, kind and sweet Emma-kins. Isn't she a doll? Alex and Emma have been friends since they were babies.Jeff is her Dad, and he went to school with Ken growing up on Long Island . Ken and Jeff work at the same facility/club for about 21 years.

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