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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Move...

So, he no longer needs a monitored bed, so they moved him to another room. They were able to get him a room in the cancer center at the hospital, which is like a 5 star facility. It is like a hotel room. They even have a menu ,w/ of course, room service. It is large , w/ a couch that opens up to be a bed, a frig, a large bathroom with nice shower, nice armoire holding the tv, desk, ...and more.

The neurologist was happy that he was progressing. He would like things a little faster, but his bottom line is that he is progressing.The internal medicine doctor recommended the cancer unit, as he can rest well there.I had told him that I did not want the negative energy from the few nurses who seem to think that he cannot hear them, or who just want to depress him.

When he got there he said rather forlornly, "well, I guess the situation has changed". I think that he meant it in a serious tone, as if it was for the worst. But, of course, he is progressing daily. I am not sure if he believes me. Of course it is all serious, but why would I depress him- how does one heal, w/depression, or with hope?

Although another nurse asked me if I realized how serious it is. Duh! He is not on life support. And even when he was, he was breathing w/the machine. It was not done as an emergency, it was done to let him rest so that the seizures would stop, which they did. And the gal was very sweet, but why do they think that this is good for the patient who has enough depression to deal with over such a situation?

To me, it is a no- brainer. If this is the card that is dealt, we must deal w/it. So, to create the best case scenario, God willing, we must create the most hopeful, positive surroundings. Duh! That is what I would want to try to heal. If his time comes, I want it to be loving and full of hope and caring, not worry over the mountain of what he has gone through. He was tired today, but talking and awake for a very long period this evening, and at various times of the day.

His big uncomfortable issue is the awful rash that has developed on his bottom. The tube feeding and anti-biotics, and a reaction to a type of pad they used before they just went to cotton, creates a very loose situation down there. My heart so goes out to him,poor baby. I have helped them quite a few times. It is even difficult for the nurses and aides, as they feel for him. But, I think that they are scared to hurt him, and might not be as thorough as is necessary to rectify the situation. I have 3 children, after all, and once a mother always a mother. My mothering instincts want them to be gentle, yet thorough. Seems like he may have a fungal reaction, poor baby.

As soon as he swallows quite readily, food such as applesauce and ice cream, and consisitantly, then they can remove the feeding tube, and his bottom situation will heal. I am so worried for anything opening up from the rash and causing infection. He might need a stomach tube. And to transport him, he has to be eating, or have the stomach tube, or that tube and eating together. They will not transport with the nasal feeding tube.

So tomorrow they will try to test his swallowing w/a test(forgot the name). It will take a half hour. He must respond quickly and consistently, for them to remove the tube soon.

He LOVES talking to his children by phone, and Alex seems to elicit great talking in him. He wants them to see him 'doing well', this I can see. He talks a lot, and trys very hard to be'together'. Ingeneral, I think he is trying to 'act together' for us. ..trying to look as if he is dealing with it. He does get emotional when he hears more of what is happening, as he may forget some aspects here and there. I slept in the room last night, and basically did not sleep much at all, so tonite I came home, and will go back early, as I do not want him to feel as if he has been abandoned. But, I so need a good sleep.

So much has happened, yet it is late and I need to sleep. EEG was good. MRI showed the extent of the stroke. But , he is beating so many odds. My great Aunt Betty called me today. She is an amzing 95 year old/young???:):):):) She said, "Never, never,never give up, Lydia". I am in agreement. And in our family we have had quite a few miracles. So , having the choice between hope and despair, I'll take hope any day. And, we'll cross bridges when we come to them. I have to go by my instincts and family's input, not by others' who don't know him from a hole in the world.

Alright, goodnite.

If anyone knows of any legitimate organizations who can help with medical situations, I would greatly appreciate it.

ps- vivian, one of the very nice nurse's aides today reminded me of you with your hair color and pretty face:) I was amazed at how her hair and makeup looked so good so very early in the am. Can you tell that I am a late night person? hahaha


Diva Kreszl said...

Oh Lydia I am so happy to hear Ken has been moved to better accomodations! My brother too had to pass the swallow test, and my Mom had a rash and the infectious disease doctor recommended 'Desitin' of all things but it worked!. I shall continue to pray for all of you. In NJ we have a 'Brain Injury' organization that is helpful and a great source for info...perhaps your state has one too.

vivian said...

I agree with you that it is important to remain positive and hopeful. Thats too bad about that rash. Isnt there something they can put on it to sooth it? maybe desitin? Your poor hubby. I'll hold you both up in prayer again this morning! I'm glad there are some sunshinny faces in your life there.. we all need those!
HUGS and blessings!

Laurie said...

I'm glad Ken has a better living situation in the hospital now; keep your chin up, you're doing great!

Susan said...

Hang in there...I agree that hope and love are the best medicines. Again, you guys are never far from our thoughts. xo