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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working on getting into rehab for Christmas...

So things have been moving rather quickly. We have the most unbelieveable social worker working on our behalf for discharge. We are praying to move Ken by Friday. The nurses have to log his progress . This progress has impressed so many of them. He has a long way to go, but he surprises the heck out of us daily.

I cannot even write about so much that happens. I sometimes walk so quickly everywhere, notebook always in hand. I have to charge my cell phone at least 2 times a day. I think that the battery gets drained from being in the hospital.The nurses and aides in this unit are just plain great. They so want the best for Ken and us.His physical therapist even came in extra today, when she said that she would be in tomorrow. Yesterday he stood up 3 times with a walker, and kept working on holding his head up. In bed he sometimes sits up.

But, today, oh my!...His wakefulness is greater each day. Even the nurses and aids are noticing sooo much more and are so very excited.He wants to get better. He wants to get home. He wants to work at doing the best for him. Sometimes he is tired, and yesterday he told me that he 'has his weak days'. He worked with his legs so well today with Candice, the physical therapist. She is so motivated to work with him.

He is talking more with the doctors, and the nurses have to log EVERYTHING for the doctors to see. We have to remind everyone. He talks with us for hours. We've been watching Christmas movies, cartoons, etc.. We play music- Leo Kotke of course, and relaxing Christmas and piano music. It is usually too sedate for him, but right now it seems to be good for him, and it is relaxing for me and his family.

He is taking his Protocel 2x a day, and we are progressing towards the 4x a day. I have used Rescue Remedy spray and cream. The cream has speeded up his recovery on his bottom, which was so very tender-ouch! It has remedied in just a few days almost entirely. Hope that it continues. They also gave a different medicine. Even the nurses started to use the cream, as they saw that after so much time he just was getting worse. You cannot believe the recovery rate.

I also credit the Protocel for his more rapid healing. They have even asked us to bring in foods for him, as he needs to eat more, or they will have to put the nasal feeder back in. So he asked for fruit cocktail! He's been eating mashed potatoes with butter and gravy, spinach, ice cream, chocolate pudding, pears, peaches, ice tea, juices, and nutritional drinks. They are counting his calories. He only started to eat this past weekend after not eating for over 2 weeks -except for 1 time with the speech therapist when he had a little applesauce and ice cream.

So, tonite he actually started to 'argue', (in a very subdued way):)!!!! When he does these things, we look at each other , give thumbs up, and smile broadly. You know, starting to argue means you are feeling better. hahaha ...and today he started his foot movement. He does this when he is getting ready for something. He is a foot 'wagger'. It was great to see this come back as well.

He also couldn't get comfy in bed. Also a big thumbs up! It is because he is feeling better and way more aware, remembering more every day!!! He thinks that the whole situation is weird, and I would too if I were in his shoes. He does not like being in the bed, because he is so awake and aware.(smile, smile, big thumbs up!!!:) ).

His situation is still very precarious, this we know. But, as long as he wants to get better and progress, we will give him the best environment possible for him to heal and feel better. Statistics, shmatistics, there is nothing to do but support him!

If I do not post in a while, know that the pace is so very hectic. A change will no doubt produce a host of other challenges. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I know that we cannot predict the future, but God is directing the show, and I can do nothing less than to make the most positive environment for him no matter what.

Good night and God Bless.

ps- I have been speaking in Russian and Spanish to him at times. He speaks and understands both. He responded in Spanish, and used some Russian words as well. Gotta' stimulate the left side of his brain!


Debra @ Common Ground said...

This is all so wonderful, Lydia. I'm so glad he's doing so well. Yeah for arguing!!Glad you were able to post. I'm still praying and believing for a full recovery.
Blessings to you all, and have a wonderful Christmas!!!

Patti said...

Praise God Lydia! I am so praying every day for you and Ken and this is fantastic news.
Get some rest and Merry Christmas my friend.
Big hugs

Diva Kreszl said...

Oh Lydia, what good news! I'm so happy to hear about Ken's continued progress, yes arguing is a 'good thing'! We had our annaul Christmas Party for the high school kids at our church yesterday and I lifted Ken in prayer and all the kids joined in. I continue to pray for all of you dear one and I do hope Ken is in rehab before the holidays. Things will be so much better for you then!

Lydia said...

xo Thank you all. You do not know how great your support is for me. la

Laurie said...

Oh, this makes my heart sing! Keep your own strength up, too, Lydia!