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Monday, December 7, 2009

EEG , Brain MRI, and a Shave

Ken with Lara, at his surprise 55thKen and his family- His Mom is in turquoise on the right- Happy Birthday today to Mom/Gma

Ken w/Alex at the club
That's what he had done today. Still don't know the results of the tests. And the two times I called him up to check in on him he was sleeping. Had to run around today taking care of banking and such.His neurologist said there was not much progress since Fri.. That's when I told him about yesterday and this am. Then he ordered the MRI. Hopefully all will still be clear, and it may help them assess the stroke better.

One of his nurses this am said that he was awake, lucid, interacted & cooperated well. She was awfully nice. Some nurses just have a way. I told her that he already had some miracles, and she told me that hopefully he would have another one today. I like her attitude.

So he was very tired from all the activity today. He woke back up this evening . He was happy and smiling when # 1 called him.
Brain patients need much rest. I pray that he continues to interact and respond to the medical staff so that they can talk therapy and we can bring him home. He is just not ready to be w/us yet. He is still so very weak.

To all my family and close friends,near and far, thinking of you and your texts, calls,comments, and emails, etc..You all know who you are. You keep us supported and w/ warm felt good tears in our eyes and plenty of love in our heart.And even if we don't all connect, I know you are all there and it makes us feel so good. We love you so much.Thank you.

And to my fellow blogger friends- wow- you lift me up. Amazing that people who have never met can hold so many warm thoughts and prayers in their hearts for those who they have much in common with in the art realm...or just the world 'realm' . Your comments and emails blow me away as well. Thank you.

I got a lot done today. Tomorrow will be long and busy as well. Love to you all. If I am not able to respond back right now, please know that I want to, and hopefully you will keep updated w/the blog 'til we can catch up some more.

PS- I totally forgot to tell you all about something. So, those who know Ken well, know that his all time most favorite artist since he was a teenager is Leo Kotke. He plays mostly acoustic guitars( goes between reg. and 12 string, and probably something else). He is in his own category music wise. He's not rock, or country, or jazz- a type of folk guitarist, with much else that is hard to explain, and not really a folk guitarist.

So, while in ICU I thought to start humming my favorite song that Leo sings, Little Martha. It is on my playlist. It is uplifting and positive.Then I asked to play it from my blog, which they allowed, but while I was about to access it, #1 stated that she had Leo on her playlist- and lots of him. But, when she had to take her laptop, I got the idea to pick up a little cd player that I could play his cds on w/ some sort of speaker.

While mentioning all this to one of his lifelong friends, Ardie, who is a professional techie, and has been since forever, Ardie stated that he wanted to send one. So, instead of the little Walmart one I was going to look for he sent a very nice 'little' boombox, and 3 Leo cds! So, Ken listens to Leo all day long, practically, in his room. We may be a bit Leo-ed out once in a while, but Ken loves it. He has verified this multiple times. And he also has agreed to go to a Leo concert w/the 'kids'. #s 2 & 3 have never been to a Leo concert. I want to give him things to look forward to.

Every once in a while, Ken invites some friends, and we go to a Leo Kotke concert. He usually plays in fairly intimate venues. He is a fabulous performer, and if you are spatial , just the least, or enjoy very funny banter tangled in a web of intricacy, all while entertaining the heck out of you, then I highly recommend seeing him in concert. Ken has met him for autographs more than a few times, and is his biggest fan, without being weird or anything.

So, Leo, if you ever get wind of this, he sure would love to hear from you. haha:) You might just help to save his life.



Sandy Mastroni said...

I just read all your news . It's too bad about the nurse .
Your wedding photo is beautiful
We are all still praying ... expecting miracles

Dan & Nicole Hanlin said...

Hi Lydia and gang. Dan, Emily and I are still praying for you all. It took me a while to figure out how to comment on your blog but we have all been keeping up with the news. Even Dan takes time to look before he leaves for work at 2am. ((Hugs)) to you all and thanks for the updates!