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Monday, December 21, 2009

Rehab. Hosp. for Brain Injury/Stroke

Came to Rehab. Hosp. on Fri. Dr. said he was better than he thought. The problem , he thinks, will be Ken thinking that he can do more than he can- ie- physically able to do, but, balance is an issue. They are also changing some meds.. He now has his permanent Occupational, Physical, and Speech Language Therapists.

He is bathing himself, brushing his teeth, sitting up, standing, getting in a chair, and wheel chair. Since he taught wheelchair tennis, he has been in a wheel chair before. He originally sat in one and played tennis in one to see how to approach his wheel chair students. He also has taught soldiers at Walter Reed, as well as other wheel chair students. He coached the top wheel chair junior in wheel chair tennis, who was also the first wheel chair doctor to graduate from Yale Medical School. An amazing individual who has inspired many. Now, maybe Ken can inspire him. (:) xo R.)

Much to do. Christmas is upon us. Tree should be going up tomorrow. Things are moving along. We are happy to have Ken 'home' for Christmas. Being in the rehab. hospital is home for us- as this all happened out of state, the day after T-day. Now, we are just a drive away.

Thank you God. ...just one miracle after another. Thank you. I pray for many more.

xo Lydia

PS- my hubby is amazing, and keeps progressing each and every day. All vision, all moving body parts. His sometimes intricate speaking about how he feels is astounding, and he was concerned for a tournament that he does at the club after Christmas. He said that he had to call this guy, Dave. It has been done already- but just that he can drag this out from his memory is truly amazing.


Sandy Mastroni said...

Praise God
Have a happy Christmas Lydia

Jann said...

Lydia--I have been away from your blog for way too long, as evidenced by the fact that I didn't know anything about what had happened to your husband! I'm so very sorry to read all of this--I've been backtracking on your posts--I will pray for you all--oh my gosh, what your family has been through the past few weeks! It makes my situation, with both my daughters having surgery and getting sick myself, so small compared to what you've had to deal with! Again, I'm sorry I haven't kept up, and I feel so bad that I haven't known and tried to be supportive. I am glad Ken is doing better right now--it's been such a rough December for so many people this year! My love and prayers to you, Jann

Diva Kreszl said...

God is good!!! Sweet Lydia, I am so glad to hear Ken has finally gotten into rehab, things will go so much better from this point on. I'm sure you will find the staff there amazing and the atmosphere is certainly better than in the hospital. I brother still has a bit of a balance issue but is able to walk with a cane. He was quite persistent and was determined to walk his daughter down the aisle. It sounds like Ken is a man of great determination and he will do well. Glad this is closer to home for you too, it will help immensely. Sending lots of love and prayers your way!!!

Patti said...

I am so happy to hear this Lydia!
Merry Christmas my dear sweet friend to you and your family.
Praise God

oksana said...

Hi Lydia!
I didn´t know what happened with your husband! It is very sad... but in a same time I am happy that he is getting better.
I am also very busy and almost don´t use computer. Hope soon I will have more time.
Marry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Janice Wakefield said...

Hi Lydia,
I am so glad to hear of the progress Ken is making and am so glad for you and your family that he is closer to home! And I want to say thank you for the beautiful, thoughtful card you sent me -- it was my pleasure to meet with you all while here at High Point Regional. I wish you joy during this Christmas Season and I will pray for Ken's continued progress.
Janice (Chaplain)

Jann said...

Merry Christmas, Lydia, to you and all your family--I hope things are better for you on this blessed day.
Hugs, Jann