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Friday, December 4, 2009

No More 'Tupid Teenager....

So my #2 is 20 years old today! #1 said that that makes me old as dirt. hahaha # 3 is 14, so maybe I have a little time.

In our family, our tradition is to wake up to cake and presents, because when the kids were younger, Ken worked 'til late at night. You cannot ask little ones to celebrate anyone's birthday at 10:oo or 11:00 at night. So, it became our tradition. Only today I sang into the phone, and Ken was asleep at the hospital. #1 made cupcakes with our special homemade butter cream frosting. It wasn't what Lara expected, but then, having her Dad make it through Vena Cava Filter procedure, was a pretty good gift. Just wish his situation was not so precarious.

Happy Birthday to my Butterfly Catcher. I love you baby, Kind and Gentle Princess Larissa................xo

ps- Ken was a bit emotional today, and of course was none too happy about his surgery procedure. The Dr. has been doing them for 30 years. It is a prophylactic to help prevent any blood clots from the lower half of the body. The nurse found him trying to get out of bed this early am.

Oh , yeah, and he said "luv you" to me today. He melted my heart.Got lent a book,A Stroke of Insight, by a brain scientist of some kind, who ended up having a bleeding stroke. It is so interesting, talking about what it was like to be in this other world. It also lists 40 things that were so important to her during this time. Don't remember her name, as I was lent the book from the stroke specialist nurse just this evening. Really very interesting.

He is off the heparin(blood thinner), and as soon as a room is available, he is out of ICU , as he is not sick enough to be there. They are looking for a room and one of those monitor beds (forgot what they called it). His face looks great. Everyone is noticing how plump and colorful his skin looks. Beats that ashen vomiting look.

Thank you all!!!!! xo Lydia


Diva Kreszl said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your 'baby'! Glad to hear the procedure went well and that Ken has enough spunk to try and get out of the bed...even though we know it's not safe it seems a good sign. My brother had to have one of those alarm bed monitors too but it didn't take him long to figure out how to get around it and fool the nurses!

Anonymous said...

lydia, ken, alex, larissa and serge,
my heart goes out to you all - thanks for sending me your link to the blog - am keeping up with your news - happy birthday, little larissa - seems like only yesterday that you were at my house on kindler road with 2 year old skipper (now 18)watching tv with her. I remember taking walks with your mama after the bus would leave, with your baby brother (or was it you?)in the stroller and she would point out squirrels (in Russian) to him - interesting note to lydia...skipper is studying Russian at UGA and LOVES IT!!! her major is comp. lit. - wants to study abroad in the future over there - how's that for coincidence! maybe if you get a chance, you could e-mail her a note in Russian (or English) - her e-mail is

ken, you are a warrior! i pray for you every day in the hopes that you will soon be home with your loved ones enjoying the sights and sounds of the season!

Laurie said...

So good to hear. Happy birthday to your "little" one!